Monday, November 21, 2011

Question regarding new e-book...

The new e-book will be a formulating lotions book, how to do it from scratch, based on the formulating series from earlier this year. It is intended to be a lotion making 201 type book intended for those of us who want to take our lotion making beyond finding a recipe and have a few questions about it and wondered if those of you interested in the book might answer a few questions for me...

1. Should I include all the ingredient information in the book as I did for the lotion making book? For instance, do you want all the carrier oil profiles and such? Or should I just include those ingredients that I didn't include in the last book? (This will make the book a lot bigger!) Or should I turn those sections into another e-book you could download? 

2. Do you want a detailed explanation of the HLB system or should I turn that into another, shorter e-book?

3. Do you want information about suggested equipment - scales, double boilers, bottling things - and do you want suggestions about suppliers?

What else can you suggest? For those of you who have the other e-books, what can you suggest to me about formatting, font, pictures, and so on? 

I'll do a random draw of the people who comment and one of you will get a free copy of the e-book the moment it's ready! (I'll roll a D20 - that seems pretty random to me!) I hope that's an incentive! 


Cerridwen said...

Yeah another E-book!!! Here's my 2 cents since you asked :)

Since I believe a lot of people who will be buying the Lotions 201 book will already have the 101 version, I don’t think you need to include the same info again. If I can’t remember certain properties, I’ll just flip open the other file.

I would love a detailed explanation of the HLB system. Would it be a big deal to include a calculator? I truly don’t know what would be involved in this, so take that with a grain of salt and feel free to toss it out the nearest window.

Again, I don’t need more of the same info on equipment, but if you have new and improved ideas, those are always welcome! I love suggestions on suppliers for ingredients.

I do have your other books and don’t have any complaints on the formatting or font. Step by step pictures are a lot of work for you, but are always nice. That way I can double check to make sure my concoction looks just like yours LOL.

Becky Barker said...

I agree - hooray! another ebook! I love the idea of more ebooks to download because I print them out into a notebook with dividers between the different ones. It works great if each ebook is on a different subject. I love your formatting as is and I appreciate all you put into your ebooks!

Kathy said...

Susan - Here are my comments. I have purchased three of your e-books.

I wouldn't repeat the ingredient listing. It would be lengthy and if people want to read about them, then they should buy the 1st e-book.

I use the HLB system and a write up about it would be beneficial. I think either way, include it or put it in another e-book. I guess I would prefer it in this book because this book is kind of an "advance" book and the HLB system fits into that category.

I would include a write up about equipment but maybe not about suppliers. Suppliers can change from time to time and discussing them could date the e-book.

Pictures are always great, they break up the text and add interest. I like lots of pictures.

Also, I like it when you suggest a substitute for an ingredient, especially if the ingredient is somewhat unusual. At times, one ingredient can be substituted for another without much change in the final result. It's handy to know substitutions because sometimes you can't get or do not have the particular ingredient.

Not sure if this helps, but these are my thoughts - such as they are!! Looking forward to seeing the new book.

Kathy said...
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Ben said...

Great, I'm looking forward to this! Great timing too, as I'm getting good at many of the lessons in your first lotionmaking e-book. Ok, that's a lie, I still have a lot to do to learn from your first book...

But yes, an intermediate-type book would be great. Which is why I don't think you will really need the same ingredient information from the first book. We can just access that information there!

From what I understand, you want to take this "beyond finding a recipe" and towards creating one's own recipe, correct? That would be absolutely brilliant. It would then make a lot of sense to include a detailed explanation of the HLB system in there so we know how to calculate the emulsification.

Also, fragrances. How can we add natural fragrances to a lotion? What are the options? What do you recommend?

I know I wanted to ask something else, but it evades me at the moment! So forgive me in advance for multiple replies.

Deborah Jones said...

This is going to sound sad but I agree with everything that's been already said!!! I am very excited for your new Ebook. The ones I have have helped me loooooaaads!

I for one would LOVE the HLB system explained because I still can't make heads or tails of it.

Information on equipment will be GREATLY received.

Your current format is excellent so I'm happy for it to stay that way.

And anything else that tickles your fancy really because you write so well.

Thank you in advance :)

Janice said...

Susan - Great to have an advanced lotion making. I would suggest that you only include new carrier oils and ingredients that were not covered in 101. A brief overview of HLB would be great with an e-book on the subject later on. (I really need that one to slowly digest all on it own). Info on scales ect is always good as so leave that in and pictures would be lovely especially of great results and failed batches with suggestions how to rectify. I really enjoy your e-books so whatever you decide it will be great.

Mozartiana said...

I would prefer to have everything on one place. The ultimate reference book. And I am prepare to pay a little extra for this.

Mozartiana said...

I would prefer to have everything on one place. The ultimate reference book. And I am willing to pay a little extra for this.

Sally Bercovich said...

1. >Or should I just include those ingredients that I didn't include in the last book?
-I preferr this option
2.Whatever you choose - I will buy any book you will release:)
3. yes:)

Lynda said...

I don't think you need to repeat the same info.

I agree with Kathy - equipment but not suppliers since they change and also those of us in the States more than likely won't purchase from out of country suppliers and visa versa.

Love pictures. I have your first ebook and love it.

Leman said...

Hi Susan,

1) I'd prefet that you turn those sections into another e-book so we could download.

2) HLB system - I'd prefer that you turn that into another shorter e-book.

3) Yes to equipments and suppliers (even if they may be out of date after a while).

Step by step pictures would be great but I know it is a lot of work for you so whatever you can manage.

Agree with Kathy, substitution for an ingredient that might be difficult to find or we may simply not have it at that moment.

thanks said...

Something I constantly have to look up is the ingredient information and the associated properties. I would like to see a comprehensive list. Possibly add a suggested percentage for each. I am not real crazy about the HLB system.

Katie said...

HLB system is important for understanding different emulsifying systems, so it definitely fits with the idea of a more advanced book. Can you list different emulsifying systems you've used and their properties as a guide? I've just started using two other emulsifying blends and they are really quite different. Having a few different emulsifying blends on hand is definitely something we should consider when devising new recipes because the more familiar we are with them the better our products become!
Fatty acid profiles for oils and butters is also good. And maybe something on cream-based cleansers?

Katie said...

Oh, and one other thought: I used to be very confused about things I'd see on suppliers' websites like: Solubilizers, water-based emollients, chelating agents, polyquats, esters, PEG-esters and such. I have since learned a lot about them through you and others, but those may be good subjects for a more advanced book, too. Beginners may not tackle things like hydrolyzed protein and isopropyl myristate right from the get go, but those are definitely things more experienced lotion makers would be interested in. So maybe you wouldn't necessarily go through all the ingredients again, but just the synthetics, which are definitely in the realm of the more advanced.

Cori said...

Overall, I think making a new e-book that can be a "next step" from the previous would be nice, rather the one super large book.

1. I don't think ingredient information is needed sinced its in the other book.

2. Including the HLB system wouldl be great!

3. Having more information on equipment, best practices for mixing etc. would be awesome.

ukihunter said...


Looking forward to new e-book!

Pretty much agree with what everyone has already stated.

1)List new ingredients not contained in Lotions 101

2)HLB system explained

3)Pictures are helpful

4)Substitutions an excellent idea

Can't wait!

AV said...

1) I would only include profiles you haven't covered already.

2) I would love an HLB explanation

3) I am interested in any new info you have on all of those things, too.

Anonymous said...

Information on different emulsification systems, actives such as DMAE, extracts, serums, moisturizing creams and lotions for the hair (not conditioners), and information regarding whether certain ingredients are to be added in the cool down phase or not would be most awesome! Of course, everything you write is awesome goodness...

Mychelle said...

I am very excited for your new book! I agree with everyone else on the carrier oil information; I would rather you cover the ingredients not covered in the first book. I think a chapter on HLB would be nice, with an expanded tutorial as its own book. I think the inclusion of other ready-to-go emulsifying systems, such as Ritamulse, would be great as well. Thank you Susan, we appreciate your knowledge so much!

My Soap Factory said...

I also bought your e-books and I printed them out, but now i'm using an e-reader!

No suppliers, in europe we have other suppliers and w'll find them on the internet or on your blog.

Pictures! yes, that reads much more easier.

And als - maybe- the possibility of an easy calculator in excell which we can moderate ourselves.

I also love the HLB system in it, because now its a bit of abacadabra to me. And when to use the right preservative.

I'm looking forward to it!


My Soap Factory said...

I love a new e-book. I have a printout of the others, but now i read them on my e-reader.

Suppliers: well this is not important for me. It's changing every time. It's easier to mention them on your blog. Here in europe we have other suppliers than you at the other end of the ocean :).

Calculator: maybe (I don't know, is it possible to make an easy calculator what we can moderate ourselves? (excell)

HLB: Yes! It's now a bit of abakadabra to me, and also to find the right preservative for the right lotion.

I think pictures makes the e-book easier to read.

Substitutions would be great.

But it must be a second book to download i suppose? So you can leave out the ingredients mentioned there.

I'm looking forward to it.


My Soap Factory said...

hmm, sorry about the two comments.
I've got an error earlier.


Anonymous said...

I will buy the book with whatever you put in it..
I have all the others..
I think that you will have included in it, everything you think nessecary to make it complete.

Substitutions would be I know you test the ph on each of your recipes before posting, and some times I don't have the exact ingred..but don't know for sure if what I do have will work..Does that make sense?

Thanks for all you do..Susan..

Anonymous said...

Anything of yours will be great..

I hope it has some great Face lotions,creams, ect..please please..

chowsr said...

Congratulations on the new book :) If you're adding suppliers I'd ask them for money since you have such a loyal following.

I have the other e-books and would like higher quality pictures even if that means more money.

Other than that I agree with what everyone else has suggested.


Nancy Liedel said...

up to my eyeballs in damn bath bombs. Those things are harder to get to hold than they look. Especially with the kids underfoot. Not in the formulary, but at the door, complaining about one another. I'd love to send you a few. Just for a while. They're great birth control. Anyway, I want the HLB system in baby-talk, bloody detail with polymers carefully taught too. Lotions is the one thing I'm horribly afraid of mucking up. I can do a nice basic, but I want to branch out, be daring, but not create pets that I am too soft hearted to toss. I had to toss several oils and preservatives this week, because they were almost dead (they were going to be dead soon enough). And it was hard. REALLY hard. I detest tossing things. On top of that, the hubs questions me like the inquisition every time I fish out a failure and put it in the garbage.

The man showed up on our first date in camouflage and tie dye and he's managed to fish the shirt out of the garbage every time. He has a sixth sense for it. Rats. It's now a religious article. It's Holy! There's a smile on a Thursday.

I also want masks. Preserving muddy wonders. Don't do them? Shame be upon you. They are wonderful and I sell them dry, however, I'd love to properly preserve them. I'd love to consult on hair and facial oils, if you have any questions. I'm very good with those. I refuse to frost anything that uses egg whites and prayer to frost. 1. I can't frost to save my life. My cakes look like crap and 2, time. I don't have it, now that I'm up and running with bath bumblers (Bath bombs is trademarked. Bath bumblers probably is too.....Bath Bumblers tm, just in case. I think it's cute and I can explain.

Well, as always, I've turned a simple post into a novel. Sorry. I'll put chapter marks in next time.

Oh, and I tweaked your cuticle balm to make it less sheepish. Snort. I'll send you the formula after sales season is over. I can't think for trying right now. Press out bath bumblers, bombs, solid shampoo, solid conditioner, un-solid conditioner, label, make soap, make soap, make soap, damn, lotion bars. etc.

Leman said...


I was wondering if you could also include the comments to various posts
If your new e-book is going to be based on the formulating series earlier this year.
thanks for all the work you do!

Ellbie said...

Hi Susan,

1. New info on carrier oils etc.
2. Yes, detailed info on the HLB system
3. I don't need detailed info on equipment but that is just me What I do like is tips and techniques.

Can't wait to see the new e-book. I always have one of the others on hand for when I have a little time for reading. :)

Ellbie said...

I meant - info on new ingredients, not sones discussed in detail in the first e-book.

Unknown said...

I really wish you gave a course on the HBL. I am not a chemist, and I am stump with that!!!
I make soap and have learned a lot about SAP and all. I know I could learn the HLB, but all I find makes no sense to me at all. And if you make a book about it, I will buy it!!!

Always.Looking.4.1.More said...

Hi Susan!

There's no way I can let your question go without putting a little something in. I've been trying so hard to find the time to respond, so I'm just going to take some time and jump right in. I may have to make a 2nd response, but I'll start here.

1. Will you please add something about how to know when a carrier/base oil has really gone bad? My question goes beyond reading the expiration date and/or the bad smell of oil gone rancid. Does it lose its useful properties after the expiration date and become just an oily liquid or solid/butter? We've all kept milk, eggs, cosmetics, etc. beyond the expiration date and they've been okay to use. But beyond these things, how can we know when the oil is really no longer useful? I know what some others mean about having to throw away product because I HATE throwing ingredients away!

2.I'm new to your blog so I haven't purchased any of your e-books yet. You mentioned this new one coming out about the time I started logging in so I've been spending my time reading what you have online already, since there's so much here. So I'll just take everyone's word that your Lotion 101 is a sufficient starter on that. So I'll go with Lotions 201 as well.

3.I'd really like to learn about making liquid soaps. I don't care much about bar soaps because I'll never put that much time into the process. But I'm very much interested in learning about making skin-friendly liquid soaps, especially transparent ones. So I think a chapter or section about that will be great.

Well, I have to run! Keep up the good work Susan :-)

Nedeia said...

Good Lord, Susan, a new book! this is awesome, I really wonder how did you manage to make time for all of the activities and your family life :). We are all grateful!!

1. I believe that the information regarding the ingredients should be there, in the book. It will be a larger one, but it is always nice to have everything in one place. I really enjoyed having all the ingredients listed, it is a perfect way to go to the "roots" if you need some info in there.

2. HLB would be so welcome! Please please please DO include it in your eBook :-)

3. The equipment information - for me this is not something I would refer to often, but for those who are beginners this could be very nice. I would love to read about substitutions, and even some of the "copy cat" products you have posted on the blog under "duplicating:[...]" tag.

It would be lovely if you could keep the links to various articles , like in the posts (when you talk about a specific ingredient - that is also a link in the document for that bookmark), but I know this would be incredible hard work so if not possible - at least a very nice index with all the ingredients would be appreciated :). Good for offline use :)

Thank you for giving us the chance to provide feedback :)

Nedeia said...

Oh, and I second Leman : the comments for many of your posts are incredible valuable! They would be so much appreciated in the book!!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the suggestions. Your help was invaluable!

It's done - click here! Hooray!

I did a random draw and one of the anonymous comments won the book. So if you were anonymous and commented, can you email me and let me know which anonymous comment is yours? If I don't hear from someone by December 1st, I will do another draw.