Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No post this morning...but a question

Let me know what you want to know! With Christmas coming soon - yeah, I know, it's three months away, but when you're a crafter you have to start thinking about these things in July, so I'm really two months late - and the busy craft class teaching season upon us, I need to get the blog organized and do some serious planning to ensure I have a post for every day of the week.

What do you want to see in the next few months? More recipes for lotions or hair care? More information on strange and exotic oils? More information on formulating lotions? More information on surfactants? I'm going through the blog and my e-mail box this weekend to find all the questions you've posed lately, and I'm hoping to answer as many as I can in the coming weeks!

I'm also hoping to put together an e-book on formulating from scratch based on the formulating series that will include information on the HLB system, the helpful hints we've had over the last week and a half, and tons of recipes and ideas on how to learn to formulate your own products. I'm considering a mineral make-up one as well. Any other suggestions? What do you think? What would you like to see?

If you want to e-mail me, please write to sjbarclay@telus.net (look up and to the right in the welcome to the blog section for the permanent link to my e-mail address). Or comment in this thread!

And again, the picture means nothing except my husband collected these eggs at my massage therapist's farm and I thought it would look awesome as a comic book panel! 


Ben said...

Hi Susan! I thought I'd ask you a simple "I want to know" request. I was wondering about the mixability of jojoba oil. Does it mix well with water, or does it need an emulsifier? What about mixing with oils?

Also, beeswax for the same above question.

Thanks, hope you're feeling better!

Leman said...


I was meant to comment here but posted in your previous post by mistake! Must have been late last night when I did that!

I'd like to see more recipes for lotions and formulating lotions including facial moisturisers. Also, I am hoping you would go back to your posts on duplicating products sometime in future!.

An e-book on formulating from scratch would be superb!! If you have enough interests from your readers how about an e-book on duplicating products?

I'd like to donate sometime soon to recieve your e-books. Your e-books are a collection of your posts, right? What I have been wondering (this may sound silly I know!) whether you include the comments on your posts in the e-books! I find them incredibly useful, sometimes after reading a post I would have questions in mind, than I read the comments and I find the answers there!

ISzilvi said...

Hi Susan! Thank you for the incredibly useful posts, this blog is addictive:)
+1 on duplicating products (especially hair care products)
The other one would be cosmeceuticals and serum (hydrous and anhydrous) formulation from scratch.
Thank you once more for your fantastic work.

Kathy said...

Another e-book would be great. I've recently had very good success with the HLB system, but am still new to it, so more information would be helpful.
I would be interested in information about formulating household cleaners and products. Duplicating, as stated from other comments, would be interesting, as well. Thanks, Susan.

p said...

I'd love to see more information posts on strange and exotic oils and waxes - these are actually my favorite posts of yours! I'd love to see a post on meadowfoam seed oil, for example... And I'd love to see a post on candelilla wax and on carnauba wax. I'm interested in making some of my lip balms vegan, and I always find that when I substitute candelilla for beeswax (at half the rate), the result is less moisturizing, and I would love to know more about why that is.

An e-book on mineral makeup gets my vote! My sense is that you have a whole lot more content on the blog on duplicating products, hair care, formulating lotions and such, but not that much recent material on MMU, so I'd love to read about your latest insights and experiments!

Thanks for your incredible blog, Susan!

Natalie said...

Hi Susan!

I would love to see more recipes and also more posts on duplicating products. There are so many products I would love to try and duplicate! Or even improve.

By the way, thank you! I've learned so much from your posts :)
I'm so addicted! hehe

Alyssa said...

Yes, my mind is on the holiday season! so i like to make simple body scrubs from salts and/or sugars and i hate for my scrubs to be drowning oil but it’s hard to find a happy medium, as i find my scrubs can be quite dry after they sit for awhile (guessing the oils get soaked up by the salt/sugar). I use a mixture of shea butter and a oil and my mind was trying to figure out how to make it so my scrubs do not end up so dry.. Maybe glycerin? Any help would be much appreciated!
PS I try to stay as natural and as simple as possible!

p said...

Just had one more thought... I dream of the day you write a series of posts on essential oils! :) I'd love to know what the evidence says about the effects of different essential oils on the skin and hair.

Anonymous said...

I first want to thank you for your blog. I'm so happy I found it. If you can take another look at mineral makeup ie blush with different effects- with a gold shimmmer as highlights for example would be nice. Most information on creating gel- makebe a light hair gel, eye gel for dark circles, scrubs and lotions for the holidays and duplicating products. Thanks so much

AV said...

I'm going to +1 the household products idea, if you have any info on that.

Generally speaking, though, I'm just getting into surfactant systems, so more on that would be great!

Ellbie said...

Hi Susan,
As you often say....Great Question! :)
I would like to learn more about essential oils and what claims science supports.
Facial or eye serums posts would be awesome.
I would definitely go for a mineral makeup e-book. This is an area I have not delved yet.
That said, everything you post adds something to my knowledge, even if it is a topic already covered.

Tara said...

Plus 1 on essential oil posts, Susan! :-)

Mychelle said...

I love your blog Susan, and appreciate all of the information you share. I love the idea of a formulating ebook. I felt like the formulating series gave me the skills to duplicate almost anything - identifying ingredients, consistency, finding a starting recipe and going from there. I would also love an ebook about surfactant creations like body washes, face washes, etc. As for blogging, remember that we love you and know how busy you are! Once a week is appreciated if that's what you have time for. No pressure or expectations, just care and appreciation. For the holidays I would love ideas for kits or product pairs. And I enjoy your random thoughts posts quite a bit as well. :)

Anonymous said...

First a big thank you. Your blog is the best!
I would love to see posts about hair serums. With and without silocones. As I can not find any reliable source to read up about those.

Will said...

I'm going to be the rebel. I'd love to see some more craft stuff. I've seen refrig magnets that look like a magnet, photo, and half a big marble on top of them. They look 3-D'ish. I just can't guess how to assemble them. Beyond that, my granddaughter is annoyingly into beads. I was wondering if you might touch on beaded Christmas ornaments, like snowflakes or whatever else touches your fancy. I think I remember you doing this, but I couldn't find it using search. It'd be a big plus for either of these projects if you knew a place that sold the pieces or form cheaply. I enjoyed the duplicating stuff, too, but I saw where it became everyone wanting you to think for them (I'm guilty, too, though I still use my slightly modified version of disposable wipes you formulated, never have found non-woven material, drats.) Overall, more family-friendly Christmas-y crafts, less business-y stuff, is my wish summarized. Come to think of it, I don't remember ever seeing any monkey-themed craft, either ;)

Joy said...

I am going to +2 on the household products. I was going to send you an email to ask you what was missing in my laundry detergent formula. I thought I had all the bases covered, but I am not satisfied with it yet! I still would like to send you the recipe for your comments, if that is all right with you.

And I join the others in expressing my appreciation and gratitude for your blog. It (and YOU) is really really wonderful and very helpful! Thank you!

Tara said...

I also wouldn't mind a post on pH test of creams. Do you think creams may be to thick to get a proper pH reading from a pocket meter? I want to wait until I've added all of my cool-down ingredients before I take a reading and by that time the lotion is substantially thick. I've read that you should do a 10% dilution in alcohol and measure the pH of this sample, but I'm not sure how reliable the source was (or even where I read it)....

Amy c said...

Would love a book on formulating / duplicating. Love the household and mineral makeup idea too, just starting the plush folly home course and want to learn more, like pressing minerals into eyeshadow compacts. Love the blog and the first three ebooks! Look forward to more, maybe even a skin care series from cleansers to specialty serums etc.

Will said...

I like the household products idea, too.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thanks for all the great suggestions! Keep them coming!

Ben - I'm answering this question on Wednesday, but the short answer is no, it won't mix.

Anonymous - I'm not sure what you mean by a hair serum? Do you mean using silicones to make an anti-frizz product? If so, then click on the hair care section and scroll down to see the anti-frizz products. I haven't made any without silicones because I like silicones and find that the oil products simply don't work for my hair. There might be something that gives you a good starting point in the hair care section!

Will - Are you talking about marble magnets or marble tacks? If so, I have some handouts on that topic I can post here or can send you (email me at sjbarclay@telus.net and I can send them directly). I am happy to post more about the other crafts I do and those from the craft group, if you want!

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