Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ecocert preservatives - kind of a wrap up

I hope you've enjoyed this look at three Ecocert preservatives - Leucidal, Advanced Leucidal - Aloe, and NataPres. I think my general apprehension about using these preservatives are threefold - they have short shelf lives, they are far more expensive than the preservatives I generally use now (liquid Germall Plus, Germaben II, and Phenonip), and they seem to have more restrictions.

The short shelf life worries me a lot because I might buy something today and not use it for a few months (hey, life gets really busy at times!), and I really don't want to worry about the shelf life of my preservative, of all things! If I buy it today, the longest shelf life my products could possibly have is a year, and that concerns me.  

I don't want to have to combine my preservative with another preservative to ensure it works. And I don't have the money to spend on really expensive preservatives. 

My other concern is that I want more solid information on the preservatives from the manufacturers and there seems to be less information than I'd like (for instance, can we use the Leucidals with cationic ingredients or not?) I don't know if the information is out there, but I couldn't get much even going to the manufacturer's site. (And what I've found, I've shared with you!) 

I know Ecocert preservatives they probably sound more appealing if you're a company, but I make my products for fun and my loved ones, so for me, I don't think I'm changing over any time soon.

So, Katie, to sum it all up - yes, there are Ecocert preservatives that seem to be effective. Are they natural? I don't know what that means any more, but these three apparently meet the Ecocert standards, so that might be the same thing? 


honeybunni said...

Hi, I'm new to bath and body crafting. I've been on the hunt for an all natural preservative that works as well, if not better, than those currently on the market containing parabens and formaldehydes. Has anyone here ever heard of Epsilon L-Polylysine? I've found information so far(because I read WAY too much too quickly, lol) on 2 products, one from China and one in the U.S. that claim to have an all natural full spectrum preservative that can not only be used in food and drink, but also cosmetic applications. The Chinese product is Bainafo and the U.S. product is called Purac, but both are the same preservative. Here are links to the FDA GRAS approval letter for Purac and Bainafo Specs for Preservative Use

It would be nice if this was something that we could all use without the risk of harmful side effects.

Katrina Li said...

I use Cosgard (Benzyl alcohol, Dehydroacetic acid) ECOCERT preservative. It is cheap like any other preservative. Shelf life of product is around 3 months in room temperature at concentration 0,5%.