Saturday, August 13, 2011

A few thoughts for a summery Saturday!

Okay, so not everything in the world is a chemical. (Shock and horror! Gasp!) Electrons, protons, and neutrons are not chemicals - they're parts of a chemical, but not chemical themselves. (Thank you to my wonderful husband for pointing THAT out!)
When should we include panthenol? Everything I've read indicates the liquid form can be heat sensitive, and suggests we should use it in the cool down phase. (The powdered type I bought was okay for the heated water phase, but it was a pain to use it then, so I moved back to the liquid kind.) If you're in doubt, ask your supplier.

When the did word "conversate" start to mean talk or have a conversation? The word is converse, as in, "We conversed last night," which sounds a lot more pretentious than, "We talked last night" or "We spoke last night". I heard this word as I channel surfed the other night - I think it was some reality show where a bunch of women try to get the attention of minor male celebrity - and this girl was very upset that she had "conversated" with him all night long when he was paying attention to someone else. ARGH!

Which recipes should you try if you like a greasier or wetter feeling lotion? On this blog, I tend to prefer the greasier or wetter feeling lotions, and I try to let you know about the skin feel. Read the description and you should get a good idea of what it will feel like in the end, keeping in mind that this is just my opinion!

If you want greasier feeling lotions, check out the information about emollients on the blog. Click here for the description of each oil, butter, and ester or click here for the handy dandy chart for the oils (there are other charts for butters and exotic oils - click for the section to see them). Look for words like "dry feeling" and avoid those things. For the butters, you'll want to choose shea or cocoa butter over mango butter, which can feel drier on our skin. 

One of my favourites is the six ingredient lotion with shea, soy, and sesame oil. I know this one has BTMS-50, which generally offers a drier feeling lotion, but all those oils and butters overcome the powderiness. Anything with Polawax or e-wax will feel greasier than those with BTMS-50 or some of the other emulsifiers (I find Natramulse/Ecomulse/Ritamulse is less greasy than Polawax but not as dry as BTMS-50. I really have to write those posts!)

Join me tomorrow for more formulating fun!


gstark123 said...
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gstark123 said...

Sure, but anything physical is comprised of one or more of the chemical elements which is, in my book, definitive.

However, it is true that if you look a little closer things get very strange very quicky - to the point where at the lowest level it seems that everything physical is comprised of pure energy.