Saturday, August 6, 2011

A few random thoughts for the day

Do we really believe that Suzanne Somers' "ageless beauty" comes from her line of organic products that don't contain toxins? (It looks like she uses Japanese honeysuckle as the preservative, something we know is a natural paraben. I have nothing against parabens, but it looks like this ingredient isn't as an effective preservative as once was thought. Click here for some information, then click here for another point of view!) And what is a toxin anyway? One person's toxin is another person's favourite ingredient. Heck, I took Raymond into a radon mine on our honeymoon, and some people actually consider radon to be a healing gas! (As a point of interest, he still mentions this as my attempt to kill him only a week after we were married!)

She's coming to Vancouver to give some talks for the Power of Women series, and her specialty is anti-aging. I don't want to get sued here, but based on her appearance on TV last night, I would find it hard to believe that Suzanne Somers has reached the age of 65 without the use of some cosmetic surgery or injections.

Women can be beautiful at all ages! Have you seen Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn or Helen Mirren (and my mom and grandma, but I think it more unlikely that you've seen them)? These are all interesting, amazing, fascinating, and beautiful women. Every line on our faces we've earned: Each one represents a time I smiled or cried or frowned, and if you take those away, what do I lose? There's no way a 65 year old woman can look like a 30 year old, and when you see their pulled back eyes and plumped up lips, it's clear they have to lose who they are to get there.

I realize this might all seem quite ironic considering I have to get Botoxed every eight weeks for muscle spasms in my head, which has the side effect of removing all the wrinkles on my forehead, but I find it frustrating. (The kids keep mentioning they miss my eyebrows! So do I!)

Why does every store you enter have to play music? Why can't I sit down for a nice warm cup of tea in a cafe without having to listen to a folk singer wailing away about times not changing or things changing too much? Why do I go into Wal-Mart (which is really the bigger question, but sometimes one needs a few packages of glue sticks on the cheap) and hear Katy Perry in the electronics department, some rap song from the staff area, and the Carpenters echoing through the store? Don't get me wrong - I like music. I'm a headbanger from way back, and if you throw in a good bass line, a great singer, and a few time changes, I'm a happy girl (think Iron Maiden, Rush, Queensryche, etc.). But sometimes I like to think. I like to sit in a franchised coffee shop and contemplate my thoughts. Why can't I find quiet in the world any more?

Just a few thoughts for the day....I'm getting crochety in my old age, eh?


Lise M Andersen said...

Yay Susan's back! Love this posting with your thoughts on this, that and everything else.
PS. I totally agree-- NO WAY Ms Somers isn't using botox, surgery or other methods of 'cheating' !

Aesthete said...

I second that Lise, Ms. Somers has the means and access to the top plastic surgeons in the country. If I could only be so lucky.

I too would like to sit in a coffee shop without having to be subjected to yodeling.

Anonymous said...

Feeling sorry for the women who believe they can achieve a baby`s butt face just with creams or lotions and spend a fortune on these.

As for the "noise level" it is getting worse. Starting with loud conversation on mobile phones in the metro,tram, busses. I mean, who cares if the turkey burned or they missed their period.

Good to hear from you Susan.


mamafrog said...

Amen and Hallelujah sister!! I don't mind my wrinkles and gray hair, though I occasionally think about dying it to even out the color since it's at that awful inbetween stage! One of my daughters dyes hers the crazy colors, but they look good on her. My mom hasn't had any of the "enhancements so popular among women of a certian age nowadays, and I deifinately look like a grandmother (I am). Not saying I wouldn't like a little eye tuck or face peel to help my skin, or even a tummy tuck (four kids). But the youth culture is such a big money thing now that some women and men can't resist it, just like the ultra skinny look that is pushed as the ideal. and Suzanne Somers wasn't cute way back when she really looked like that!

Sara @Osmosis said...

Our local JoAnn's fabric store doesn't play music. It's like a library in there. I don't like it. I feel like I can't bring my kids in there. I'm always shhhushing them. The quiet in that store always makes me hurry out.

Robert said...

My question for the day is, when is the Swift Crafty Monkey going to get into fireworks?

Robert said...

The reference infomation you give with respect to Honeysuckle extract is very interesting. David Steinberg is a respected authority on cosmetic preservatives so I would take his point of view very seriously.
Several years ago, I visited the Campo booth at a tradeshow but the information they provided was very sketchy so I decided not to use their Honeysuckle extract ingredient. I have no proof, but it is likely that their extract is augmented with 'additional' preservatives.
I would trust the new 'NatraPres' preservative that is now offered by lotioncrafter. This preservative contains honeysuckle extract as one of the ingredients and it is ecco-cert certified. This ingredient is certainly worth further experimentation as to the suitability in your particular formulation.

Will said...

I don't mind the music, what I'm minding is the trend toward much louder music.

It's appropriate in a game or music store, but your average "corner store", nope.

And I am crotchety, but I also like loud music - at home, when I want it (and can annoy the grandchildren :)


Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Gina! Thanks again for the lovely apron. I wrote about it in this post!

Hi Lise! I'm back in the blogging mind set - I've missed it so much. Just had to figure out a few things and get some time free!

I know some might disagree, but I love getting older! I finally feel a bit wiser, and I even love my grey hair (I pretend it's blonde and they're nature's highlights).

A thought - Why is it wrong to ask a woman her age? I have loads of ideas, but I though I'd put it out there to give me more food for thought.

The kids ask me all the time and I tell them because the last thing you want to do is hear the answer they give when you say, "How old do you think I am?" You will never get an answer that makes you happy!

That was a fairly random comment (random in the sense of things not seeming to go together, not "random" in the sense of being good, nice, or great, the way the kids are using it!)