Thursday, August 18, 2011

Almost Friday

It's been a great but busy week as I've been offering craft groups every day!
Yesterday, our local TV station stopped by to interview Raymond and me about our groups, the blog, and my obsession with cosmetic chemistry.
Today we had 19 tweens make bubble bath from scratch followed by 26 teens making mud masks, facial cleanser in foamy bottles, toner with extracts, and a water based fragrance spray!
Tomorrow we're making desk tidies!
See you on Saturday after I've caught my breath!

In response to all the questions: A desk tidy is a small box or can that is decorated and placed on your desk to keep your pens, pencils, erasers, and other stationery items tidy. I wasn't really sure what it was until I created the pattern for it. But they turned out kinda cute!


My Soap Factory said...

pfiew, that must be some bubbling days(in your ears) with all these teens.


gstark123 said...

Wot's a desk tidy?

For that matter, wot's a tidy desk!

melian1 said...

congrats on the interview!

p said...

Post a link to the interview once it airs, Susan! Your fans, myself included, will want to see it!!

I heard a piece on NPR Science Friday today that made me think of you. There were two fourth graders on the program talking about their winning entries in a national science competition. The host asked the kids about what to say to other young people who think science is boring, and they had great answers: don't think of it as science, think of it as how stuff works; and the other kid said that she used to think science was boring, but then she started making stuff and realized science is actually really fun. Both answers made me think of you and the excellent work you're doing!

Here's the link to the Science Friday piece, in case you're interested: The audio doesn't seem to be up yet.

Patrick said...

I want to see the interview!


Will said...

Congratulations, nice seeing you get even more recognition!


PS: What's a desk tidy?