Sunday, July 10, 2011

My bloody big (not really) ice cream

Being lactose intolerant is hardest in the summer - ice cream - and the winter - egg nog - and those lactase tablets do nothing for me (and yes, I've tried the Ultra Lactaid with no success). So Raymond went on a quest to find an iced treat I could enjoy without the agony and embarrassment that can arise when Susan and milk meet!

Behold the beauty that is my bloody big ice cream, a tradition my father started. I like soy ice cream, but it's usually too hard for a cone, but Raymond created a strawberry yogurt treat that doesn't cause me agony. He made up a lovely strawberry sorbet last week, but it went so fast, I couldn't get pictures!

We've made a lot of iced treats this year since purchasing the ice cream maker for the Kitchenaid at Christmas time. We've found the best recipes come from this book, The Perfect Scoop, and there are lots of non-dairy recipes for my fellow lactards. We've tried the custard ice cream - awesome because my massage therapist has lots of eggs and it's less milk based for me - as well as the cheesecake ice cream, and they have all been amazing! I can't say enough about this book!

I'm actually okay with not having ice cream or cheesecake or things like that because it's a category of food I've never really enjoyed because of the digestive problems they cause, and there are so many lactose free yogurts out now so I can enjoy my probiotics like everyone else. So it's not normally a big deal, but homemade ice cream...well, that's just awesome! 


Lori said...

Lactaid now makes in addition to milk, ice cream, egg nog and cheese. Not sure if that brand is available there though :( I was so giddy for the eggnog at Christmas.

mamafrog said...

Have you tried just taking Acidophilus pills? I'm 57 and lactose intolerant--gets worse the older I get! My daughter talked me into trying them and I can actually eat ice cream now--along with foods that have milk products in them. They aren't perfect but they beat soy since too much of it can cause other issues. Didn't do much for me during menopause either.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Lori. We get Lactaid milk, but nothing else. I want the egg nog! Thanks for the information.

Hi mamafrog. I haven't tried acidophilus and in the grand scheme of things, the lactose intolerance doesn't bother me much (I figure if I can't eat ice cream, it's probably not a bad thing). I can eat milk products when they aren't combined with sugar - unsweetened yogurt, tsatsiki, milk in my tea - and that works for me. But thanks for the idea!

Lori said...

Well, It looks like the cheese didn't do well as it's not even on the websites product list. They now have cottage cheese instead.

Maybe try making nice with your local grocer to get them to order you some eggnog this fall. If they already carry the milk it may not be such a hard sell for you. You could always turn the excess into ice cream if you had to order a minimum. Yum!