Friday, June 10, 2011

Two new elements!

Two new elements have been added to the periodic table at 114 and 116, and they are - as yet - unnamed! I would like to suggest that one of them have the symbol E as it would make Periodic Table Scrabble much more fun (right now, we only have Er as an option) so I'm suggesting Embiggenium for one of them. And we don't have an A on its own (which means I can't spell Susan - Sulphur, uranium, sulphur...nothing!), so what about Awesomium? For the other one, I'm thinking Blondiedogium has an adorable ring to it or perhaps Frinkium (glavin!)

As an aside, I do think some of the comments below the story are sad and alarming. Like this one, "I'd call them ivory-tower-elitism to reflect that ordinary, hockey-watching, Tim Hortons Canadians don't really care." You're wrong! We do care! Idiot...

If you get a chance, I really encourage you to download the podcast for The Infinite Monkey Cage (Stephen Fry is on this week!!!). The fact that this radio show appears on a Monday afternoon in the UK shows me that people are interested in science!

If you had all the power, what would you call the new elements?

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