Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sponsored by readers like you: Polymer clay

The youth in our groups are so creative! It's been a few weeks since we had our polymer clay class, and I'm still blown away by the amazing things they created! I adore Michael's little brown puppy, Melissa's Disney princesses, and Emily's polymer clay Kurt from Glee! (Chayla's pokemon character was definitely photo worthy, but my picture was blurry!) They came up with some amazing stuff, but I can't post them all here!

If you'd like to get into using polymer clay, check out the Sculpey site for some beginner, intermediate, and advance projects or check out Beady Eyed Brat for a list for great tutorials!

As you know, our youth groups are funded by readers like you who donate by buying the e-books, Back to BasicsHair Care Products: Shampoos & Conditioners, and Lotionmaking 101. If you'd like to learn more about our groups and what we do, please click here.

I post these pictures as a thank you for all the support you've offered to the kids who attend our groups at the Chilliwack and Yarrow libraries. This morning, I'm offering a parent-child class for Mother's & Father's day cards and gifts, then video game club at the Chilliwack library. We're making cards on Tuesday and Thursday as well!

I also want to encourage you to try new things. If the kids can come up with these amazing creations when they've never used clay before, imagine how great they'll be when they have some practice!

Oh, I couldn't forget Abbey's cupcake key chain! You know I was coveting that one. And although Jay made me some great pink bob-bombs for earrings, I haven't had a chance to turn them into jewellery yet!

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Melissa said...

My disney princesses! <3
Do you have any pictures of Rapunzel that you could email me? She ended up getting smushed before I could bake her :(