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Where to get supplies in Australia/New Zealand?

Given the incredible success of the post on where to get supplies in Europe, I thought I'd ask our readers from the lands down under to share their favourite suppliers in the comments section of this post! Please share your experiences with the supplier (good selection, shipping, and so on) and if they have some harder to find ingredients. I'll put a link to this post in the frequently asked questions section so you can find them easily! (And you can click on the link under the labels on suppliers to find these posts again!)

Please note: I would recommend against buying e-books from Marlene Daniels of Soapconscious for the time being as it has been demonstrated that she has plagiarized other writers' work, and is selling this information as her own. If you are interested in her lipstick book, for instance, you can find most of the writing and recipes free on my blog. If you want to know more, please click here. 


Topcat said...

Just reading this now Susan!

My favourite online suppliers are ~

Aussie Soap Supplies
for soap,lotion, shampoon etc making supplies and a fantastic recipe formulary.

Heirloom Body Care
for soap, lotion and candle making supplies.

Big Tree Supplies
great range of fragrance oils and soaping moulds as well as colorants.

New Directions Australia
for pretty much everything :)

Essential Oils & Soap
for well priced essential oils particularly.

I have to admit that we don't have the availability of ingredients over here and it is sometimes more cost effective to order from the US or UK and have shipped over.

Crafty said...

My favourite supply company is Escentials of Australia

They have an extensive range of cosmetic, soap, candlemaking and essential oils. They are very reasonably priced and their service is very good.

Topcat said...

Thanks for posting that Crafty! Max was having a systems upgrade yesterday and I couldn't get his link to post for me. He has an excellent range of cosmeceuticals :)

sookie said...

Hi Susan.
For NZ suppliers I like Go Native and Aromatics & More.
I've also purchased from Escentials of Australia and Aussie Soap Supplies.
These suppliers are all great.
It's a shame that the Australian Suppliers have a minimum order value for kiwis ordering and then the cost of shipping to NZ on top.
Escentials has a $AUD100 minimum and Aussie Soap has a $AUD150 and $15 handling fee in addition to the shipping.

Elinor from Go Native is awesome and highly recommended.

Artisan Soaps said...
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Artisan Soaps said...

*I couldn't work out how to edit so deleted above due to typo in a company name - sorry!

I'm also in NZ and use Go Native and Aromatics & More as my main suppliers, plus Amor Aromatherapy ..

As well as Big Tree, & Aussie Soap Supplies in Australia ..

Lotus Oils is another Kiwi one but I've yet to order from them .. They do however stock some raw ingredients the others don't so will try them out in the near future ..

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, I buy most of my supplies from lotus oils and some from go native in New Zealand.

VickiPS said...

Topcat and Crafty have listed the best suppliers I've found in Australia. However, I discovered that isopropyl myristate (IPM) can be obtained only from theatrical suppliers or moulding and casting supplies firms. Barnes Products have stores in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne (check to see if they stock IPM -- Brisbane doesn't). Their online store can supply IPM.

Storm Crow said...

Escentials Of Australia no longer have a minimum order requirement of $100 - I just now placed a $31.00 order with them. No problem.

Aussie Soap Supplies have a $40 minimum order requirement for local residents and, as sookie said, a demand for $150 minimum order for overseas customers. Personally, I find these sorts of demands unprofessional and obviously 'greedy'.

Another supplier I didn't see mentioned (forgive me if it's here and I just missed it), is Southern Skies Soap Supplies, based in South Australia.

Their range is a bit limited, depending on what you're looking for, but I think they might be new and just building up business - that's the impression I got, anyway. I don't like the ingredients in their MP soap bases, though.

I find Aussie Soap Supplies MP soap base ingredients are by far superior, gentler, and safer, and the preservatives used in Aussie Soap Supplies Aloe Vera Gel, for instance, are food grade, as opposed to what others use to lace their Aloe Vera Gel with.

However, Southern Skies Soap Supplies advise on their site that they only charge a flat rate of $12.00 postage for anything up to 20 kilos in weight (within Australia) and that there's no need to 'wait for quotes' on postal charges.

As one who has to monitor her spending, I very much appreciate their no-nonsense approach to postage, as I've always felt the whole, 'place an order, then wait for us to give you a quote on postage charges and THEN pay another amount for that', is a bit of a scam that Aussie businesses, in particular, tend to indulge in.

I agree with Topcat about the lack of choices in Australia. I, too, have found that it's often far more cost effective to order certain raw materials from the UK or the US - because prices, including international shipping charges, are frequently far cheaper than the exact same raw materials we can purchase here.

Ned Kelly is clearly still alive and well in Australia...

sherylbobbins said...

I have had nothing but amazing experiences with Heirloom Bodycare, Aussie Soap Supplies and New Directions. I have, however, had terrible experiences on every single order from Escentials of Australia. I've had to wait ridiciously long periods of time for items and their customer service is terrible. They have also gone back to their $100 minimum order otherwise you get hit a $8 surcharge.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with most of the people here my favorites are Aussie Soap Supplies and Escentials of Australia. To sum the two up Aussie Soap Supplies have a better variety for formulating Shampoos & Conditioners were as Escentials of Australia have a better variety for formulating face and body products.

Aussie Soap Supplies

good range of surfacants, water soluble emolients, hydrolysed protiens and a few other various cosmetic products.

I have found that their selection of containers, carrier oils and butters are limited and overpriced

Escential of Australia

great range of carrier and escential oils, butters, surfactants, vitamins, containers, liquid extracts and various cosmetic ingredients.

Resonable shipping but $8 surcharge for orders under $100

Recently they have started to stock alot of new items

TKB Trading

Ok I know these guys aren't in Australia but the postage is very cheap $17 for a large envelope and $49 for a large box.

They have an massive range of pigments, micas & liquid colourants

silicones are super cheap and the postage is justified

TKB main focus is on selling items for cosmetics and lip products not so much lotion making supplies, but they do have some very useful products ie allontoin, hydrolysed protiens, esters, oils, waxes etc etc definitely worth checking out

If your not sure what you are after they do sample sizes for all their products $1.50

Bulk Actives

These guys are in Taiwan but also have cheap shipping.

They mainly supply 'Actives' good range of powdered heabal extracts including some hard to find ones, a few vitamins and also Gel Maker plus as an alternative to E-Wax.

If your not really into herbal extract I wouldn't really bother with these guys as they don't really have much else.

New Directions

These guys are more expensive on most products than Aussie Soap Supplies and Escentials of Australia but they have a few items neither of the other suppliers don't have so it's worth a look.

My favorite thing about this supplier is their beautiful packages they have for sale.

TC said...

I've only dealt with Aussie Soap Supplies and New Directions Australia, as at the time, Sydney Essential Oil Company had an order minimum of $220 (they've only just revised that policy and no longer have order minimums).

Pricing-wise, they take turns with being the cheapest, so it's important to do a price check on a case by case basis. I find NDA to have the widest range and the awesome packaging range sets them apart somewhat. Having said that, i quite like ASS for their great descriptions on their website, and for their cute moulds. They're also the only supplier who sells Liquid Germall Plus (out of these 3 that i've looked at). SEOC is a bit more limiting, but can be very competitively priced on the products they carry.

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. I look forward to checking them out!

Happy formulating ... It's so much fun!!

Nyssa said...

Bit late here... But these are some places I've used.

Aussie Soap Supplies - good range, stock brambleberry products.
Escentials - cheapest essential oils (in larger sizes) I've found, and I like that they sell a small container (like a sample size) as well as large sizes. I've only ordered once but it arrived within reasonable times and was well packed.
Heirloom body care - good range of botanicals and empty bottles/jars, but more expensive oils.

Depends what I want as to who I buy from - I am slowly working up a spreadsheet comparing costs (and I also have the supermarket on there for oils and lye).


Gill W said...

Just picked up on your page Susan. Thanks so much for starting this blog as its always a challenge to find ingredients at small scale in NZ and from the main distributors MOQ's can be huge!
I've bought ingredients from

Soapcraft (used to be Aromatics & More)

Lotus Oils


Pure Ingredients

The last one supplies to manufacturers but also do small MOQ's

One other small operator that supplies high end actives (eg active peptides) is Patrycja Patel at Verital

And a couple that I have just found this morning, but haven't yet tried are:

Also- for packaging I have bought from Lotus oils, Soapcraft and another company that do small MOQ's are CTC Pac:

I have also bought off of New Directions in Australia for ingredients that I haven't been able to get in NZ- but the freight is expensive.

Many thanks Susan- I always appreciate your blog!

Gill W

Agatha said...

I found best if you are after top quality.They 100ml are reasonably priced.

Had a bad experience with Simply Natural Oils-paid for 30ml but only 25ml was supplied inside the bottles.

Liz Hussein said...

This is a wonderful resource and very helpful to check out other suppliers. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experience.

I have just used Aussie Soap Supplies to make my body butter and lip balm and ordered the raw butters and a few essential, fragrant and lip flavours also. Products seem great so far, although the 1kg coconut oils comes in a jerry can, which is not so convenient for scooping out the product especially when it becomes a bit firm - i'd probably have to melt it each time especially as I get further down the can. Wish it came in a screw top jar for scoopability ease!

Had a question about the essential oils - the minimum size is 50ml and that is quite a lot and wondered if their oils are high quality? I'm new to this and still trying to work out who has the best blends and essential oils for that long lasting fragrance in products. I'm don't want to spend too much money experimenting with every single brand, so can anyone advise?

Many thanks

Kerrasan said...

I decided today to make my first order after a very successful experiment with a DIY body butter kit from Aussie Soap Supplies. Because I have too much spare time on my hands, I threw together a spreadhseet comparing prices of some Australian suppliers I found, might come in handy: Link to spreadsheet

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Wow! Thanks Kerrasan! What a lovely New Year's present! Thanks for taking the time to do all that work.

Gabrielle Van Daatselaar said...

Ok everybody has commented on Escentials of Australia and their services and waiting time but what about the quality of their essential oils? Can somebody please share with me that, i understand that service is important and postage time but quality would be number 1 wouldn"t it, US has great products but shipping is outrageous in some companies that its not worth it!? I would prefer to wait a few days over poor quality!

sherylbobbins said...

Wow! It's been a while. I will, however, take this opportunity to say that Essentials of Australia's essential oils were terrible. The scent was there but they were very weak. I had to replace them all. Thank God they were only 17 mL bottles. They do have some good stuff though. I quite liked their containers, butters, and some of their fragrance oils were surprisingly nice.

Ann said...

I've recently ordered from Escentials of Australia for the first time. My package was posted on Feb 4 and 16 days later it still hasn't arrived; I'm only in Melbourne, it should only take 2-3 days. After getting in touch with them they sent an email to Aust Post enquiring about it. I've heard nothing from Aust Post and 2 further emails from me to Escentials have gone unanswered. They do have some ingredients which are hard to get in Australia but I doubt that I will order from them again after this, even if I do get my parcel. I don't have money to waste and I want my ingredients quickly!

Anonymous said...

Zen designs is also a great nz company. Also use candle creations - who do butters and mp soap bases, and Go Native

Maggie Ghanem said...

Hi Everyone. We also ship to AUS and NZ. We have several customers that we do ship to that area. We do not have any min order quantities and we only charge was USPS will charge. You may pick first Class or priority air.

Once you place your order online, We manually check the price to make sure you get the lowest price available. If anyone needs helps, please feel free to email me:

Thank you,
Maggie Ghanem

Deb Hunt said...

I have been searching for empty wind up tubes, NOT lip balm tubes and NOT maxi lip balm tubes (too small), I just can't find them anywhere in Australia. I can buy them from China, but I can only buy 10,000 pieces at a time. I have looked into ordering 20 pieces from the US, which would have cost me $20, but the $60 for postage was ridiculous! Does anyone know where I can buy empty wind up tubes/deodorant tubes here in Oz??


sherylbobbins said...


Try Heirloom Body Care, based near Penrith NSW. They have 50g wind up deodorant tubes for $1.40 and the shipping is pretty reasonable.

Deb Hunt said...

Thanks Sheryl, will look them up! :)

Lucia said...

Hi I noticed no one mentioned Native oils Australia...great company. Escentials of Australia ...well i find them hard to deal with and frankly if i could get the butters i use somewhere else I would. SEOC have great essential oils but i think David from Native Oils Australia has a better quality. Does anyone know where to get Murumuru and Cupuacu Butter from in Australia??
Happy making everyone and thanks for sharing

Karin Douglas said...

Aromatherapy Supplies Australia also have good products but in most cases for EOs they don't sell small amounts with the minimum size being 100ml except for absolutes. They have a large range of products and I have found their products to be of a very good standard. Bonus - they have no minimum order policy.

Anonymous said...


Escentials of Australia have both murumuru and cupuacu. Right now, both out of stock unfortunately. I was lucky enough to get my cupuacu last month, just before they run out. Good quality.


They also carry 60gr. twist up tubes for deodorant.

But maybe I shouldn't be advertising them because I find this company not hard but IMPOSSIBLE to deal with. Have been ordering from them monthly since July, decent orders all well above their $100 dollar minimum order to avoid handling fee. Still, they NEVER answer emails with questions about their products. Also never pick up the phone. So far my orders have arrived promptly except for the first one which was a f* up (they sent me the wrong parcel), but if you have a question.... forget it. I also had a complain about a butter that arrived dirty. Sent the email twice, never even got acknowleged. I have lived in Asia, the States, Europe and now Australia, and I've never encountered a company with such a horrible costumer service. They obviously don't care and they don't value their customers. Their business must be booming for them to treat their customers like this. Such a pitty they carry products that no one else carries here. But sure that will change one day.


Naturopath Dee said...

I liked what essentials of Australia had ordered almost $450 worth of stuff. Arrived within 3 days. The essential oils were leaking was charged for 500g of Muru Muru butter was only sent 100g, no use by dates on any of the preservatives, oils, waxes, butters, emulsifiers. They answered my email query quite quickly about Muru Mure asking for a photo to be sent, I am now still waiting after a week for any sort of resolution for the outstanding amount.And the additional info I asked of them such as proof of Organic claim, MSDS, sheets...... info sheets on some of the items I was sent. They had a wonderful website last year, but that all changed at least you could work out how to use the products and could differentiate what was most applicable for use for the products I wanted to formulate......... these guys could be a whole heap better. Does anyone want to form a buying group and buy from a more reliable supplier.....

Anastacia said...
Reliable, Large selection including organic, Great customer service. Sydney Based.
Mainly Organic Focused. I love this company; they offer information on the business aspect of selling cosmetics too. Great customer service and very reliable. Sydney Based.
Great and Reliable supplier with a strong focus on soap making but offer cosmetic ingredients also. Perth Based.
Reliable, good selection of organic and Natural products. Queensland Based.
Reliable and great selection of organic and natural ingredients.
Cellular extracts. Focused on Australian Botanicals. Organic. Great Customer service.
Great quality Essential oils and raw ingredients. Victoria Based.
Co2 Extracts, Absolutes, Essential oils. Great Quality. Focused on Perfumery. Great Service although orders are delayed by 2 weeks at the moment..nevertheless, good.

All the very best!

Green Gaia said...

I've found Escentials to be quite difficult to work with. Most of my business is beard oils and body butters, so I tend buy bulk quantities of the raw ingredients. Escentials regularly messes up the orders, sends the wrong quantity, and usually sends it late. However, their butters are top quality. I always ask for items to be shipped via courier, which is usually more reliable than Auspost. They have just delayed my most recent order by a week; no explanation, no message. So I'd advise to never order from them when you need the items quickly, as they are unreliable. Also, they charge $20 flat for shipping in QLD; I'm only 2 hours drive from them!

New Directions has recently tried to get my business back (I used to be a regular customer) by offering me discounts close to what Escentials charges. I think I might take them up on their offer; Escentials has stuffed up too many orders. NDA might do the same for others, if you ask them to discount their prices to get your business away from Escentials. Just a thought. Cheers,

Dapper Dane Beard Co.

Sarah Dean said...

Hi. Im after your current opinion on Escential of Aust Essential Oils . Are they pure? Im wanting to use them topically and in a diffuser for my kids and family health and happiness. I live 20min from Noosa so am collecting in person to avoid any customer service problems but just want to know if they are pure.i bought some on ebay and did a white paper test where put drops on paper and they should evaporate with no residue and I think they are cut with a oil so sent them back.dont want to get burnt again. Thanks

Ann Wojczuk - Annew said...

Hi fellow Aussie lotioners.
Thanks for the tips!
I notice Auroma is not featured often among your recommendations.
I have found their staff and outlet down in Fitzroy, Melbourne really good. Their head office in Hallam good too. Think the parent company is ABP - Aust Botanical Products.
They stock a wide range of raw materials, containers and EOs and I've found them very helpful too.
Check them out.
Also SEOC and New Directions.

Lee Kitten said...

I also recommend New Directions Australia. They have great products, excellent prices for assorted oils and ingredients, postage cost was reasonable, and i had my package the same week i ordered.
Aussie Soap Supplies are also great. They were very professional, answer queries straight away and i had my package in 1-2 days from ordering.
Escentials of Australia werent too bad. They arent the friendliest on the phone and i didnt like that i had to do a phone order to pay but theor prices were really good and their postage was fast.
Another company that no one has mentioned is They are in my top 3 fave suppliers. They have excellent prices for oils (essential and carrier), they have a great range, their postage is reasonable and i got my package within 5 business days. They are definitely worth a look. Oh amd the quality of their products are great too.