Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where can you get supplies in Europe?

LiisK would like to know about suppliers in Europe. Can you suggest any? I've suggested both Of A Simple Nature and Fresholi, but there must be more. If you have a supplier that pleases you, could you put that information in a comment so we can come up with a list? Please include your experiences if you've ordered from them. And, as usual, if your comment is quite clearly spam I'm removing it. This is about sharing information, not advertising!

Kim created this great PDF for European suppliers! Download it and enjoy!


eva said...


I like your blog so much. It's very interesting. You work very hard!!!
I try to do a lot of things and I used to shop in United States but I have problems with Spanish customs and now I have bought in http://www.gracefruit.com/ and I like it. They are very fast and I like the products.
I'll check your links.


(I'm sorry, my english is not very good.)

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Eva! Your English is great, and I appreciate the link!

Lise M Andersen said...

Hi Liisk!
Urtegaarden (The Herb Farm) in Denmark has a good selection of supplies. http://www.urtegaarden.dk/

:) The site is all in Danish but I'm pretty sure Google Translate can handle it.

Anonymous said...

I'd second Gracefruit. One thing I haven't managed to find in the UK is BTMS 50- anyone have a source?

zaczarowany pierniczek said...

I know a few pretty nice shops form Poland, but most of them have only a poslish language version, they send abroad though. Maybe Google translator will help.
www.mazidla.com (the best, the bigger one with a huge formulary)
www.zrobsobiekrem.pl (my second favourite, there are some already measured and ready to mix sets/kits )
www.biochemiaurody.com (almost only measured and ready to mix sets)
www.ecospa.pl (a lot of eco and fair trade stuff)
www.thanatos.com.pl (there is an english version but without description of products)

toncika said...


I really enjoy your blog and I find your studies and information really useful but I don't like to write because my english is very poor. ;)

Ok...let's make a list of the suppliers that I buy from:

www.aroma-zone.com (click the french site because not all the stuff is translated in english)
www.behawe.com (german site)

I also bought few times from www.zrobsobiekrem.pl that was already mentioned.

@zaczarowany pierniczek: thank you a lot for your sites, I didn't know them! (jestes polka?)

Lavarie - Seifen und anderer Wahn said...

I also prefer Gracefruit above most others. Plus in germany http://www.gisellamanske.com/ (great for bigger quantities and good prices as well as high quality) and http://www.behawe.com/ (good scents, extremely friendly stuff, great variety of products, but a bit pricey).

Anonymous said...

BTMS(Cetearyl Alcohol and Behentrimonium Methosulfate) NOT BTMS-50

The above mentioned site has a large assortment. Although it is in French.
For Chemicals,pigments, EO`s, PO`s and more (German): http://www.omikron-online.de/

Latvian and Russian website: http://www.calendula.lv/veikals/index.php?route=common/home&language_code=de

Warm regards,

toncika said...


I'm writing it for the second time, don't know what happened before because I could not see my post...let's hope that this time it works (oh dear, now it just crossed my mind that maybe you thought it's spam).

I buy my stuff for my products on this sites:
www.aroma-zone.com (click on the french site, it's a little expensive and in the last months they have some problems with shipment)
www.dragonspice.de (I really like them because they always help me and answer all my questions. They have also a lot of things that have nothing to do with cosmetic. Click on Naturkosmetik on left side)
www.behawe.com (german site)
www.farmaciavernile.it (entirely italian, sometimes you wait a really long time to get things. It's a pharmacy but also sells materials for cosmetic. Click on "materie prime".)
www.dadalindo.it (also entirely italian, have some really interesting stuff like cocoa oil - not butter!)

I'm sure I forgot something but I can not remember... So now just hope that the post stays.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
Hello Susan, what a fantastic informative blog. Thank you for a all the information you so generously share. It's my daily read.
A good supplier is www.aromantic.co.uk
I am also a regular at www.gracefruit.com, and the service at Of a Simple Nature is great.
Hope this helps.


Bajan Lily said...

Definitely Gracefruit, and Aromantic (although that's a bit pricey);
Baldwins (carrier and essential oils and herbs);
of a simple nature;
Naturally thinking (one of my favs) and
The Soap Kitchen (soapkitchenonline.co.uk)
These last ones have emulsifiers, hydrosols, essential oils, carrier oils, dimethicone, surfactants, fats & waxes and packaging all at affordable prices and a much wider range than the first entries on my list.

p said...

I've been really happy with Baccara Rose (German language only): http://www.baccararose.de/

Anonymous said...

Since my comment disappeared I`ll try again to contribute.

BTMS (Cetearyl Alcohol and Behentrimonium Methosulfate)NOT BTMS-50, you can get from

Latvian and Russian although the owner speaks German


For a huge assortment on "Chemicals": http://www.omikron-online.de/
They also carry pigments,plant oils, EO`s, PO`s, actives, resins, tinctures.

There are more depends on the language depends what LiisK is looking for.

Warm regards,


Andrea said...

Thank you!!! Very lost American living in EU looking for just this!

zaczarowany pierniczek said...

Earlier I forgot (of course!) about another two polish online shops:

www.naturaliskosmetyki.pl (they have some stuff which isn't anywhere else, but currently some repair work is being done, so the website doesn't work)

www.kolorowka.com (it's all about mineral makeup, plenty of pigments, powders, containers, equipment also butters and oils for some lipsticks and mascaras, with a rather small but nice and useful formulary)

tak, jestem :P

Ambra said...

I have used mostly British suppliers. All of these have provided me with excellent service. Most sell a great variety of products:

http://www.freshskin.co.uk/- Oils and EO's
http://www.naturallythinking.com/ - Oils, great selection.
http://www.ofasimplenature.webeden.co.uk/ -I got some great packaging, but they sell all sorts of ingredients.
http://www.baldwins.co.uk - lots of herbal stuff

LiisK said...

Thank you all! You are so kind, I had no idea there´s so many places to shop in Europe, and Latvia is practically next door :). Of course, this is quite bad for the wallet...

Helen said...

www.hobipunkt.ee in Estonia

LiisK said...

Thanks Helen - but Hobipunkt does not sell stuff that one could use when making it's own shampoo, does it? There's many places in Estonia that sell essential and base oils, organic butters etc but I'd like to try shampoo-making :)

Anonymous said...

Liis, what kind if ingredients are you interested? BTMS 50?

Magia said...

www.justasoap.co.uk I switched to buying m & p soap base here recently, because the postage and packaging for some reason (?!) costs a lot less than
which I have previously used. Both Soap Kitchen and Soap Basics have a good range, as does Just a Soap.

I also love www.aromantic.co.uk. One of the great things about them, is that they are committed to using palm oil and other items from sustainable resources, as well as to fair traid and ethical sourcing.

www.ofasimplenature.co.uk is probably my favourite supplier. They have a nice range of surfectants, inclusions, exotic oils and butters and floral waters at good prices. I'm a big fan! I only wish I had more money, so I could buy the whole shop out! The descriptions and explanations of uses of the products are really good too.

Michalene said...

www.plushfolly.com is another place for ingredients

kontakt said...

I posted some links before at another post, somewhere people asked Swift for European suppliers and I thought it was appropriate. Well, here we go again.

Sweden: www.crearome.se A bit pricey.
sannanature.com If you want larger batches, their prices are better.

Finland: pieni.shop.wosbee.com I haven't bought from this one, but I know people who have and were happy about it.

Here's a huge list of suppliers! with a UK bias. The focus is soap, but there are also general cosmetic ingredients suppliers. freespace.virgin.net/michele.jack/index.html

And this is my blog post (in Swedish) where I try to keep track of the suppliers I learn about. I've included everything there that I found in the comments here and I really don't have that many extra ones. hemkokeriet.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/lista-over-kosmetikaingrediensleverantorer I have grouped them after nationality, some people might find that helpful.

Great job, everyone who has contributed their links! Now I (and you all) have way to many to choose from - no way to investigate them all :-)

Anonymous said...

A few suppliers I like:

aroma-zone.com :Wide range of products, good prices

http://www.atelier-cosmetic-bio.com/ :mostly natural products, essential oil and absolutes

Very good quality ingredients.

Another very good supplier.

Anonymous said...

Still can't find BTMS-50 in the UK. Anybody found it yet? Or even in Europe - Somewhere where the postage isn't extortionate?

Nedeia said...

Does anyone have any idea where could I buy some carbomer in the EU? I would like to try some gels with it, as opposed to using guar gum or xanthan gum...

Vita said...

Hello, can somebody help to find coco glucoside in europe? Thanks :)

Jonathon said...

bonnymans.co.uk has a good variety at sensible costs - I've used them.

Soapsellers.com (uk) looks good but have not used.

coco glucoside for Vita at http://www.ofasimplenature.webeden.co.uk/#/glucosides/4539097871

Viagra Online without prescription said...

Well, I have to say that supplies are in any country, actually in my country you can get supplies elsewhere you have to go there.

Sanguine said...

Try labstuff.nl for btms50 , the only one in europe that I could find that sells it

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
Hello Susan, what a fantastic informative blog. Thank you for a all the information you so generously share. It's my daily read.
A good supplier for The netherlands www.avantgardecosmeticswebwinkel.nl
and the service is great and they are verry helpfull.

Martine and Daisy

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Great blog, by the way!
If you are in Greece the best site is www.ftiaxnokallyntika.gr and orestiscraftcenter.gr. I've bought lots of stuff, especially orestiscraftcenter has many surfacants I just couldn't find in any foreign supplier!
I also buy from a french site called aroma zone, reasonable prices good quality
Olympia from Crete, Greece.

dizzi said...

I am in the UK, and i can add these supplier to the list:



http://enaissance.co.uk (great prices on essential and carrier oils but do not sell emulsifiers etc)


I have contacted Labstuff.nl to see if they would send BTMS-50 to the UK, awaiting response. Otherwise i cannot find anyone else, like the other readers.

If anyone ever finds a supplier of BTMS-50 in UK, please post!

Melanie said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for these wonderful suggestions! I'm in the UK, and use a combination of Gracefruit, Of A Simple Nature, and Soap Kitchen.

Word of advice: avoid LabStuff.nl! They have a good selection, so I placed in order in January. The order never arrived, and I chased them via email for five months. It wasn't until I told them that I raised an ECC complaint against them that I got a refund.

Hope this helps,

Beha said...

Hi, Anybody know where can I buy lubragel or lubrajel in EU (except soapkitchin in UK)
thank you so so much!

Winnie Stekelenburg said...

Here some suppliers in the Netherlands:
-www.avantgardecosmeticswebwinkel.nl (very large assortment though not very quick delivery and they make mistakes on regular basis)
-www.jojoli.nl (good assortment and good customers service, very quick delivery)
-www.youwish.nl (besides the soaping suplies also other supplies, great customer service, quick delivery)
-www.magicalnaturals.com (only ordered here ones, very recently, very quick delivery, great customer services

The first one was already mentioned in a previouw comment but I thought I'd put in the list anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been looking for a european supplier of 50ml deodorant type containers for use with lotion bars - hope someone can point me in the right direction!


Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Steve! Did you check out the links others have put on this blog, or the list of European suppliers in the free downloads section. I don't think you'll get much of a response here as it's not a well frequented post on the blog.

Viola said...

Check out this site from Germany http://www.spinnrad.de/ They also have info, recipes etc. and ship worldwide.

Kermesina said...

Thank you for this listing, it is just what I was looking for!

Suppliers in Finland:
- Pieni tuoksukauppa: http://paperiarkki.net/zencart/
- Saippuapaja: http://www.saippuapaja.fi/

The link posted by Kontakt at April 10, 2011 (pieni.shop.wosbee.com) seems to be broken.

Susan - thank you for the great blog! :)

Sam said...

I second (third?) the recs for Avantgarde cosmetics for the Netherlands - I've had great customer service from them, and they have a solid selection of ingredients for both hair and skin products.

In addition, I use Plaza 33 (www.plaza33.nl) for buying containers - they have bottles, jars, airless containers, the whole shebang.

Finally, I haven't bought from them, but www.beautystuff.nl also sells ingredients (and has some that are hard to find elsewhere, like high ECGC green tea extract and ferulic acid).


Anastacia said...

Thank you so much to all of you! Susan, thanking you infinity! We are looking for European suppliers and these leads just gave a a huge relief. I am in Australia so here are some of our suppliers:

Reliable, Large selection including organic, Great customer service. Sydney Based.

Mainly Organic Focused. I love this company; they offer information on the business aspect of selling cosmetics too. Great customer service and very reliable. Sydney Based.

Great and Reliable supplier with a strong focus on soap making but offer cosmetic ingredients also. Perth Based.

Reliable, good selection of organic and Natural products. Queensland Based.

Reliable and great selection of organic and natural ingredients.

Cellular extracts. Focused on Australian Botanicals. Organic. Great Customer service.

Great quality Essential oils and raw ingredients. Victoria Based.

Co2 Extracts, Absolutes, Essential oils. Great Quality. Focused on Perfumery. Great Service although orders are delayed by 2 weeks at the moment..nevertheless, good.

All the very best!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Anastacia! Lovely list! Is there any chance you could repost it in the suppliers' list of Australia?

Sayema M said...

What a fantastic blog! Can't believe I haven't seen your website until recently. I'm a brit living in Spain. I use www.granvelada.com for most of my soaping supplies as well as cremascaseras.com. granvelada is cheaper and has a fairly vast range of things, but they do package everything in plastic. Cremascaseras is a smaller shop in comparison, can be a little bit pricier, but better packaging, I.e. glass bottles etc.
Hope this helps someone!

tolulope yomi said...

Please could you help with suppliers in Africa.
I love what you do here.

dnacp cb said...

So once again 'Gracefruit" gets my vote, really thorough and speedy deliveryas well as a good range of ingredients. Unless you need something the next day don't bother paying for "next day delivery",because it's more expensive obviously and you're likely to get your "normal delivery" the day after anyway. Very competitvely priced too.

New Directions
Happy Olive (a little overpriced)
Aromantics UK (but check out the same item on the USA site as they give a ton of info whereas the UK doesn't)

Ebay and Amazon are worth a look too.
For some things like containers and equipment etc "AliExpress" (China)is really cheap and often has a no delivery charge. You have to plan ahead as the shipping time can be 30-50 days.
Baldwins for bottles and Containers.

Ampulla have a wide range of bottles and containers but I didn't find them great on communication and when I order my items I found a week later that they were out of stock, all in all they took three weeks to deliver.

Unknown said...

Gracefruit has BTMS 50 now, but their shipping to Norway is so expensive, as much as from the US. Any other leads to BTMS 50? Thank you everybody, I bookmarked loads of links today :) I would like to add this site, it's German, but a very good site.