Thursday, February 3, 2011

Warning: Your regularly scheduled posts may be delayed...

It is so cold in my workshop that I can't go into it, so the posts I was hoping to write about using the thickeners and the Iron Chemist results may be delayed! It's been below freezing since Saturday, -3˚C or lower in the mornings, and not much higher in the afternoons, and the moment I step into the laundry room (which is warmer than the workshop) my head and neck muscles go into spasm.(And considering I have to pay every two months for the privilege of getting poison injected into my head to stop the spasms, it seems counter productive. Yep, I'm a Botoxed girl, but not for cosmetic reasons). So I apologize in advance that I may not be able to write more than theoretical or ingredient posts until the weather warms up! (And the space heater does nothing because it's a huge open space with no insulation or heating or anything else!)

Strangely enough, it's the beautiful weather that is causing these problems. It's been sunny since Friday afternoon with not a cloud in the sky, which means we're getting really cold weather! It started raining today, so there's hope for a warmer day today! (I put the picture of the hammock and shed in the snow to illustrate this picture, despite the complete lack of snow, because I thought it was a neat picture that conveyed the idea that it was cold outside!)

I must sound like such a whiner while the northeastern US and Canada are being pummelled by snow, but it has been amazingly cold here. Yes, I know, I live in Canada, but I always take the first week of February off and I've never been shut out of the workshop like this!


Will said...

Just take a break for a change. Relax with a notebook nearby. I don't know many paid people that work as hard as you do in your leisure time. I really don't know many people that have the creativity you do -- you come up with fresh stuff with amazing regularity.

Unrelated, have you ever come across a supplier for Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) oleosome?

I finally purchased pre-neutralized carbomer gel - woohoo. I'm psyched, I finally can make a real gel and don't have to mess with lye! Now I just need ideas for things to make with it, which is rather difficult as it's reported to dislike salts/oils. This might be an interesting ingredient to cover as it does not require neutralization, it may make it attractive to more people. (Yes, I'm unabashedly self-serving :-)

Enjoy your break, rub on some Tiger Balm, and take a breather.

Compliments as always,

Meaue said...

I have the pre-neutralized carbomer too...I would love to see a post on this also.

Waterspring said...

I love your blog. What you've posted is remarkable. Since I wasn't able to send you message by clicking on your name, I hope it's okay for me to ask you here. Can you do a tutorial on making toothpaste? I am dieing to know how to make it so I can make it for my own use.

melian1 said...

what will said. absolutely!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thanks everyone. I like creating things and getting into my workshop - I tend to go a bit stir crazy when I can't get out some of that creativity, and I'm feeling it now (although I am doing a lot of sewing, so that's fun!)

As for gels, is this post or this post or this post what you are seeking on gels? If not, let me know!

Hi Waterspring! I don't feel comfortable making a toothpaste, to be honest. All the ingredients need to be ingestible, including the preservative, and I don't know if it would actually work (it's a bit like sunscreen in that way...I know I could make one but how do I know if it works). Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Waterspring said...

Okay,thought I'd ask. Do you know of a resource that can show me how to make toothpaste? I'm kind of sensitive to the toothpastes they have out there and have been using baking soda but it's too salty. If I can find a recipe to make toothpaste I was going to modify the chemical ingredients with other suppose to be natural ones to see how it works. I wanted to make baking soda a paste but don't really know the percentage of baking soda to paste or what the paste can consist of. Any help will be grateful.

Lisa said...

Hi Susan,

Clouds are like a big snuggly quilt wrapped around the world keeping us all warm & cosy.Not my quote,someone told me that once & I love it! Hope it warms up for ya soon