Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An first!

There are reasons to follow the rules in making bath & body products, the main one being that you want to make awesome products. The other one is safety. I know all these lectures on safety can get a bit boring at times - believe me, I roll my eyes at all the "you're going to die horribly if you don't do this" ads on TV - but they're necessary to create products that won't hurt our end user.

Take a look at this recall of Glittersniffer cosmetics (linked to the complaint blog). We see the use of non-eye safe ingredients in eye products, and that's led to scratched corneas and horrible infections. (This is also fascinating case of what happens when you don't follow the business rules as well as she doesn't have insurance or a business licence!) Take a look at this recall of tainted alcohol wipes used in the hospital that caused a young boy's death (which is an example of why alcohol may not be the great preservative we all think). And finally, take a look at this post by Anne-Marie of the Soap Queen blog/Brambleberry/Otion on the mouldy lotion she bought from a local spa (she did not make this herself! She believes in preserving her products well!)

There's a very good reason that I write posts like this - if you want to make products without preservatives - and I spend my time researching preservatives and ways of making our products. I do it because I want to make the safest products possible, and I share it with you, my wonderful readers, because I want you to be safe as well.

I'm not trying to be some irritant reminding you to heat and hold, follow the good manufacturing practices, or use preservatives; I'm trying to keep you and the people you love safe. (Click here for all the things I mention in this last paragraph). In two of the three cases above, the problems could have been avoided by doing one of these three things. If the company in question had used preservatives, that lotion wouldn't look as green and awful. If the cosmetics company referred to their information on what is eye safe, they wouldn't have had to recall all those products. Doing a few little things safely can make all the difference.

Ironically, I know most of the people who want to make products without preservatives are doing it for health reasons, but the problems that can occur when we don't preserve our products well are proven to be far more harmful for our health than the theoretical harm that can come from including a tiny amount of preservative.

And thus endeth the rant...


DuhBe said...

I don't mind the rant, and I think it would be perfectly appropriate for you to repeat this info on a monthly basis or more. Just to drive the point home.

Some things just can't be overstated.

Anonymous said...

What a great post. About a year ago, I had you asked a question about a butter that I had bought and could not see the preservative. It was from a local company that is currently thinking about opening franchises across Canada. I have not had time to make a butter like you had suggested for about a quarter of the cost as I am a full time student and wife etc. My bad because as of yesterday I was told by my doctor that I was having allergic reaction to the butter that I thought was healing my skin. My husband is now on board and I will DEFINITELY stop using all their products and make my own. By the way they state on their bottles that they use potassium sorbate and ROE as preservatives. In the store the sales clerk lets you know they do not use harsh chemicals like parabens, mineral oils or SLS. I should have known but it was the last thing I eliminated in our home. It took my skin breaking out in hives and continual itching for the last 3 months to put 2 and 2 together. This post could not have been more timely for me!

Keep up the amazing work!!!!

Winnipeg chick

Amber said...

Speaking of ecoli...
I remember reading a post somewhere earlier this year, a buyer took some GS to get lab tested and they found evidence of feces particles. Not much of a surprise when Lela admits to having her "work area" in her kid's play area, and has posted various photos of her not wearing gloves when handling products :P

Nancy Liedel said...

This woman makes all the time and effort I've put into my store, which will open when it's ready, look like a damn joke. Her callous disrespect and general distaste makes me...I lose my cool and that is not professional. I sound like I laugh a lot, and I do, but I take this business very, very seriously. I can't believe she broke the law, and she's getting fined. I just don't get it. I'm in her general area and I'm wondering how much damage control I'll have to do because of her? I've already run into people online who swear they'll never purchase from a MMU formulator because of her. It's not fair, but I can't wash away what this woman did and seems to be, still doing. It makes me want to cry.

I can only take photos of me and my gloves hard at work over my minerals with my mask on and post them. I can also do a blog post about FDA approved colors and what to look for when you buy from a formulator online. Almost everyone I've run into in this business is a stand up person who is very clean and follows all the rules.

Sarra Bess said...

I know this is very old, but I've been working my way through the archives chronologically, and I just clicked on that GlitterSniffer link -- wow!! How anyone thought that putting SOAP DYES in cosmetics AND THEN SELLING THEM is absolutely beyond me.