Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kukui nut oil continued...

I know I promised a recipe with this oil today, but things have been so insane around the house and at work lately, I only have time to write a short post today (and the new version of Safari keeps crashing, ARGH!), so I thought I'd write a little more about kukui nut oil today.

After much searching through various textbooks, the web, and the EBSCOhost thingie at the library, I feel like I still know very little about this oil. I still can't find out the specifics about the anti-oxidants, although I know there are some and one of them is Vitamin E. Why the mystery about this oil?

I did, however, find this: Kukui nut oil was tested in a small pilot study to see if it was more effective than mineral oil against psoriasis. The findings were not significant, meaning kukui nut oil was not more effective than mineral oil, although the authors caution that more study is required (and this is usually what you find at the end of most studies that have a null result, but this was a small study with 30 participants, and only 24 completed the study).

Thanks to Regina for the data sheet and madpiano for information on the different name! 

I still can't find much, but I do know I like the feeling of this oil. It's a very dry feeling oil, but it still feels very silky on my skin (I find some of the drier feeling oils feel dry, but not silky). It feels almost like a thicker ester, which is very nice.

I plan to use this in an eye cream I've been working on - somewhere you want to be quite dry, light, and easy to spread with very little effort - and I've already tried this in a body oil in place of the esters. (Very nice, and more on that tomorrow.)

Sorry for the short post, but I'll make up for it in the next few days with lots of recipes! 


madpiano said...

Hiya - been surfing the German Web and there is a German Book which has the complete ingredients of Kukui Nut (or Kandelnuss), but there are no pages on Google Books and the whole book costs $95.00, so I'll give that a miss. I have found though, that the nut is high in Vitamin B1 and not so high in antioxidants actually, apart from VitE, but cannot find anything if it is higher in VitE than other nuts or not.

Raw Nuts:
Moisture 24.4%
Protein 7.8%
Fat 49.9%
Energy kj/100g 2426 (not diet food..)
Vitamin B1 mg/100g 4236

This was from a German Food Lexicon. As it only shows B1, it usually means that is the only Vitamin or Mineral that is there in a reasonable amount.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thanks for the information, madpiano! It seems like there's so little out there about this oil - it's frustrating. So Vitamin B1, eh? I'll have to write a post about that soon! Thanks again!

Marsha said...

From my personal experience, kukui nut/candlenut oil is what to reach for to grow hairs.
Up to the age of 4 my head was sparsely populated with fine hair. My mom started rubbing my hair on weekends with candlenut oil (called 'kemiri' on my side of equator), and when I was 7 I amped it up into a daily routine, having the neat oil rubbed onto my scalp every morning. Needless to say, I was the greasiest haired girl in school, and by the time I was 10 my hair was lush.

Given the oil's crazy wonders, I imagine a hair mask version with ginseng infusion...

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

HI Marsha. I'm afraid we don't make claims like that around here as they can't be backed by science. This isn't to say you didn't experience it and it's not to say that kukui nut oil isn't so magical that I want to use it every day, but I get worried when we talk about hair growing because we can't prove that this works, and we don't want people to get their hopes up if they are suffering!

Let us know about the hair mask you make. I'm sure it will be quite lovely!