Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Are you planning any major resolutions? I am!

Continue to work on organization. I need to find a way to get all my notebooks in a place where they're handy and organized.

Continue to set and maintain firm boundaries. I have to remember not to over-schedule myself for November and December!

Finish my math course. I have to re-register in school and go regularly. I need to take more math so I can understand more chemistry!

Resume singing lessons in March or April - after my next major Botox treatment when I can open my jaw properly.

Another major camping trip with my friends.
Return to the Pacific coast for a proper camping trip in which we don't get flooded out!
Go snow tubing. The Olympics aren't on this year and it seems like we're in for a great snowy winter in B.C!
Write up the Lotionmaking 201 e-book.
Write up the mineral make-up e-book.

Work on the mascara recipe.
Work on the eye liner recipe.
Learn how to use the sewing machine better.
Learn some basic quilting.

I realize my resolutions aren't SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) but I don't feel like writing a seven page post here, but I've done all that soul searching and breaking things down into little bite sized pieces to get what I want done!

So what're your resolutions for the year?


Laura said...

Those are great goals Susan. Mine are less ambitious, I think. Of course, since I didn't do ANY goal-setting last year I think I'm already heading in the right direction. These are all set up as SMART goals but the details are just too tedious to list. :)


Become more physically active. The end goal here is to fit into my wedding dress (a lovely lengha choli) which is only one size away.


Knitting! I've always fumbled over having to use two needles at once but I'm determined to figure this one out.


1. Buy the Lotionmaking 201 e-book.
2. Make sure I'm in London in December for my friend's 25th wedding anniversary.


Sew a week's worth of early (c 550 AD) Danish garb out of period-appropriate fabrics. I'll be weaving all the trim that goes on the dresses; that'll take a lot more time than the sewing will.

daniel said...

Best organizational tool I know is "gtd". It really is super helpful and fairly simple. It's like a skill and once you get into the groove of it, it sticks. It can take a few hours to catch and days to implement. It was invented by David Allen from California.

Mich said...

Awesome goals Susan!

I love sewing and quilting--if you need any advice, you have my e-mail!

I need to work on being more organized too. It's silly because some of my supplies (like beads, fabric, thread, FOs, and MMU stuff) are SUPER orderly, but then I can't find the stapler, etc. when I need it!

Actually, I think for me, the BIG hurdle is to get rid of lots of the stuff that "might be useful someday". That's the problem with being see potential and beauty in lots of things...

Other goals:
Make a really cool quilt/wall hanging (to fill the void where the Christmas one is)

Working on jewelry techniques that go beyond wire work and beading (i.e., soldering!)

Find an interesting way to get CEUs in my "profession" (which is hard because right now I'm a stay at home mom). An upper division genetics course is a possibility. Talk about a challenge!

Get some of the surfactants on my wish list and make me some swiftcraftymonkey formulae!


Here's to a fantastic 2011!!!!