Friday, December 31, 2010

It's New Year's Eve!

I thought I'd take a look at the resolutions I made last year and see if I made any headway on my plans. And no, this picture has nothing to do with my resolutions - this year I plan to chew more monkeys? - but I think my dog is adorable!

Get organized: This went better this year, although it's always a work in progress. We spent a lot of money at Ikea and the Container Store buying things to help me out, like bookshelves and bulletin boards, and it's working. I need a ton of help from my mom and Raymond to get organized, but I'm finding it easier to stay organized once it's done! And I love my iPod touch for taking notes, keeping me scheduled, and so on. So this one is a partial success, although I need to accept I'm just not that kind of person so I'll do what I can!

Continue to set and maintain good boundaries around my time: I'm getting great at this. Having a headache for 18 months makes it easy to say no! I'm normally home from work when I thought I would be, and I've stopped taking phone calls when I'm on holidays or outside of work time!

Finish my math class by April 2010 with an A: This one kicked my bum. I got stuck on trigonometry, and I'm still working on it, but I will get that A! (I can't move objects in my head, and I don't know left and right, so it's really hard for me to move an angle to see if it's the same as the other one!)

Continue attending singing lessons: I went for a while, but the headaches made it hard for me to open my mouth properly, so I had to put them on hold. I'm hoping to start again in March or April.

Go snow tubing by the end of February: The Olympics and the lack of snow made this impossible!

Go camping with my friends this summer for at least three days: We went to Moses Lake in June!

More day trips locally: We did some of these, but I've still never been to Birch Bay!

Perfect my mascara recipe and liquid eye liner recipe: Nope, but I have the ingredients. This is on my to-do list this month!

Learn to silk screen (year #3 this has been on the list!): We tried in July but failed. We have to try again!

Start Christmas presents really early: I kind of did this by making cards and things, but I didn't get everything made in time. I think this resolution needs to be adapted to "stop putting so much pressure on myself to make things in time for Christmas" for 2011. (Although I have started my sewing for next year's presents!)

Make more jewellery: I think I need to stop making it now! I have so much!

Sew more shorts: I did this, and just finished another pair this week.

Sew more skirts: I made two this year and have a few more planned.

So I think I did okay, despite the year long headache and the horrible sinus/chest/ear infection in late November and early December. How did you do with your resolutions?


Tara said...

I am looking forward to your mascara formulation. I have a recipe from that I have never tackled, but I think I will wait for yours! ;-P

I am trying to become more organized as well this year; I am trying to set up a work space for myself in the basement so that my kitchen is not perpetually littered with various projects.

This Christmas was hectic. My husband ordered 50 gift bags for his clients, and since I was pregnant (due around November), I decided I should start my project in September. Well baby decided to come a month early, followed by a two week stay in the hospital, so that put my project on hold for a while! Thankfully I did get it all done in time, and I have recieved much praise from my husband's clients!

Happy New Year Susan :)

Ambra said...

Happy New Year Susan! I thoroughly enjoy your blog and admire you writing. I also look forward to a mascara recipe. I'm sure you'll make a perfect one. I really look forward to following you in the New Year. I myself never do New Years resolutions. It's too dark and dreary here in January. I make my changes in the spring in lots of light :)

Sierra Snow Soaps said...

Happy New Year Susan!
I hope to keep up the decrapification process we started on the dish. It is nice to have a place for everything.
Michelle in NV

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you Susan. Looking forward walking beside you or with you, forgot how to say this properly, and continue learning from your inspiring experiments and articles. No New Year resolution(s)for me.Wishing you good luck with your trigonometry class and most of all no more head aches. Although I must admit if I would take on all the hobbies you have, I probably would have a big head ache:)

All the best

Ged said...

One of my resolutions: be timely in thanking people ... so THANK YOU Susan for your wonderful blog which has taught me so much. Your energy and dedication are awe-inspiring and will help me in another of my resolutions: to conquer my worst vice - procrastination.

Or maybe I'll just leave that till next week ...!

Topcat said...

Has your headache been resolved yet Susan? How do you manage to cope with daily activities with such pain?

I am glad your resolutions for 2010 were mostly realised. I don't make resolutions as such. My life is a work in progress every moment!

Tanya x

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thanks for all the kind words. The headaches are slowly getting resolved - they're muscle based headaches, and I get Botoxed every eight weeks, so they're getting better with each treatment, but it's taking a lot of time and money (thank goodness for extended medical because it's $758 per treatment, and I get that all reimbursed!!!). It's hard to function some days - I spent a goodly part of last year coming home early from work and resting - but most days I just power through the pain. We're hoping the next treatment will be the last major one and I can get touch ups every eight weeks (the major pain is in the right side of my head). We're not sure what's causing it, so we have to go after the symptoms, not the cause. I am frustrated not being able to express myself with my eyebrows, but she has started using less on my forehead so I can raise and lower them, frown a little, squint a bit, but there's no legendary cocking of the eyebrow for me (and the kids in my groups don't know when I'm annoyed!).

Congratulations Tara on your new baby! Boy or girl?

Ambra - I tend to make resolutions in September because after years and years of school, that feels more like the new year to me!

Gina - We use the term walking beside at work, as in walking beside our clients in their journey! I look forward to you accompanying me on these adventures!

Michelle - My decrapifying continues, but my husband is better at it than me, so he's taking on that task.

Ged - Procrastination is a struggle for most of us. I'm such a magpie - I have all these plans, and then I see a shiny thing and I'm off to the next project. I'm learning how to use my sewing machine, and I've been obsessed with making cupcake shaped pot holders, so that's been a priority instead of making clothes (although I did make some cupcake printed shorts yesterday in a lovely flannel).

My life is always a work in progress. It's interesting to look back at the year because it's rarely what I expected, and that's such fun. Five years ago, if you'd told me I'd be a chemistry obsessed, blog writing, bath and body making geek, I'd have laughed at you. And look what's happened! (Although I've always proudly worn the moniker "geek"!)

Happy New Year!