Friday, December 3, 2010

22 days until Christmas - products for teen boys

We have a number of teen boys in our youth programs, and I'm making them little kits to thank them for their hard work in helping us set up at the library, things like moving chairs and tables, moving the video game equipment, keeping the younger ones in check, and so on. This year, I'm giving them my favourite body wash, a shaving bar, and a fragranced body spray!

I've said this before, but I love formulating body washes. It's easy to tweak your favourite recipe and try it out in the shower that day, so you know right away if you like it! I'm giving the boys bottles of this recipe, which is my favourite out of all the combinations I've made so far! I figure teen boys can use all the acne fighting power they can get!

12% cocamidopropyl betaine
16% BSB or other surfactant of choices
12% C14-16 olefin sulfonate
30% warm distilled water
10% aloe vera liquid
5% PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate
5% myristamine oxide
3% polyquat 7
3% glycerin
2% cromoist
2% panthenol
0.5% preservative (liquid Germall Plus)
0.5% white willow bark
up to 2% Crothix

Mix the surfactants together well, then add the rest of the ingredients (except the panthenol, preservative, and white willow bark) and continue to mix. Try not to get too many bubbles. Heat a little water and dissolve the white willow bark into it. Add the panthenol, white willow bark, and preservative. Mix again.

We scented these with a lime-eucalyptus essential oil blend - 2 parts lime to 1 part eucalyptus - and left it uncoloured. I'm so happy with this one!

If you don't have PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate or myristamine oxide, feel free to use another water soluble moisturizer (like PEG-7 olivate) or leave it out and add 10% of your favourite surfactant in their place. (Click here for all the posts on surfactants.) I've chosen C14-16 olefin sulfonate because I like it for oily skin, but you could use a surfactant more suitable for dry skin in its place. Just don't change the cocamidopropyl betaine - I consider this essential!

My husband loves shaving bars, so I thought I'd share them with the boys this year (they're growing up so fast!). I'm using 5% cocoa butter, 5% babassu as I don't want to introduce too much oil to their adolescent faces, and I'm switching out the shea and fractionated coconut oils for non-comedogenic esters, specifically 10% C12-15 alkyl benzoate. This will offer nice slip and glide, and it will keep the fragrance on their faces a little longer. I figure it's two great things in one!

60% Incroquat BTMS (or 30% BTMS, 30% Incroquat CR)
10% cetyl alcohol
10% butter of choice - 5% cocoa butter, 5% babassu or another hard oil
3% cationic polymer like honeyquat or condition-eze 7 (polyquat 10)
5% oils of choice
2% hydrolyzed silk protein
2% panthenol
2% dimethicone
2% cyclomethicone
2% hydrolyzed protein
2% fragrance or essential oil

Weigh into a heat proof container the Incroquat BTMS, cetyl alcohol, butter, cationic polymer, oils, silk protein, and hydrolyzed protein and place into a double boiler until they melt. Add the panthenol, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, hydrolyzed protein, and essential oil, mix well, then put into a mould and pop into the freezer or fridge until solid.

As a note, these are best made in 33 gram (1 ounce) to 45 gram moulds. They last forever, and making them larger only makes it annoying to swipe across your face!

The boys pay a fortune for these products, so why not make them a few in their favourite scents. I have a few Axe fragrance oils, so I'm using those for these body sprays! Here's the most recent post I've written on this topic, which includes anhydrous and water based versions.

Here are a few more ideas suitable for the teen boys in your life!

Join me tomorrow for some gift ideas suitable for teen girls!


Jessica said...

Hi Susan! I tried making the shaving bar for my fiance, and we couldn't figure out how to use it. He tried wetting his facial hair and then rubbing it across, but it kind of made a mess and seems very water-repellent or something. How is this bar supposed to be used and what is the texture supposed to be like? He's used to shaving cream but wants to switch to the brush-and-soap method if I can manage to make him a good one!!! Thanks for any help you can offer...

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Jessica. My husband recommends this procedure...wet your face, wet the bar and swipe it on your face, wet it again and swipe another section of your face. He says to only make "one pass" for each section of your face or it will gum up the razor.

I use this bar for shaving my underarms and I've found that I wet my skin and wet the bar, then swipe it across the area then shave. That should be enough. (I don't have to shave my legs as I simply don't have enough hair so I just pull them out when I need may hate me now.)

This should be a hard bar - have you ever made a solid conditioner because it's almost the same product with a few tweaks? It is pokable with your nail - it will leave a dent with your nail but not your finger - but should have a liquidy type film when you run it under warm water.

As a question, are you using the same ingredients or have you switched some of them? Just curious!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the help! I have never made a "bar" of any sort...I'm always making shampoo and conditioning products for my hair; never tried a solid product! Also, I'm just getting into body washes and scrubs, etc. I copied the recipe exactly except for one possibly major part - I don't have Incroquat CR (seems like I have just about every other ingredient in history though!), so I just used BTMS (INCI: behentrimonium methosulfate (and) cetearyl alcohol). I noticed that after I made it and handled it my hands felt dry... (P.S. Mine is a hard bar, as you described.) I'm still a bit confused about the usage of Incroquat CR, Incroquat BTMS, BTMS-50, and the one I mentioned above. The word "incroquat" is kind of annoying to me because I don't know what it means...except that "quat" might refer to quaternary compound...

So did that substitution mess it up? Any chance of salvaging it and/or turning it into something else? (It was only 50 grams I think).

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

I find BTMS-50 feels quite dry, which is why I use the Incroquat CR because it feels glidier and silkier on our skin. The substitution didn't mess it up, it just made it feel different. You can use this as a shaving bar - try what I suggested and see if that helps your fiance - or you can use it as a hair conditioner. Try it on your own skin and see how you like it. If you don't like it, then you've only made a 50 gram bar that can be thrown away. But if you do like it, then you've made a substitution that worked for you!

Jessica said...

Yes, I think you are right about the BTMS...well I will add Incroquat CR to my list for the next purchase! Silky-gliding is definitely what I'm after here! I will try your suggestion about using it as a conditioner bar if he still doesn't like it! Well, at least when I tell him I'm buying the Incroquat CR for HIM maybe he'll be happy...instead of rolling his eyes hahaha!

Thanks!!!! Happy Holidays!