Saturday, December 4, 2010

21 days until Christmas - teen girl products!

Any product suitable for an adult woman is suitable for a teen girl with a few modifications, but I thought I'd focus on a few mineral make-up ideas in this post! These would be suitable for younger girls who like to play with make-up as well because they're all very sheer! I try to encourage the teen girls in my groups to go light on the make-up so as to not hide their pretty faces (yes, I've turned into my mom!), and I always encourage them to choose lighter colours with some sparkle and shine.

I love these lip shimmer sticks. They behave as lip balms and the little bit of colour appeals to the teens. (For an explanation for why I'm using the ingredients I'm using, click here.)

8% candellia wax
9% beeswax (I was going to use carnauba, but I ran out!)
18% shea butter
12% mango butter
52% liquid oils (28% castor oil, 10% fractionated coconut oil, 7% squalene, and 7% jojoba)
1% Vitamin E

Melt everything except the Vitamin E in a double boiler until melted. Remove from the heat, then add the Vitamin E. Mix well. Remove a tablespoon at a time to make 2 lip balm tubes.

You can choose the liquid oils you like. I chose castor oil because it offers awesome shine, fractionated coconut oil because it has a long shelf life and is very light, jojoba oil because my skin seems to like it, and squalene because it is light with a long shelf life, and my skin seems to like it. I chose shea and mango butter because I had a ton of it around and, again, my lips seem to like those butters. Although I think my choices have nice long shelf lives, I still included Vitamin E just to be on the safe side. (Again, click the link above for more information on the ingredients!)

A lip balm container will hold about 7.5 ml or 1.5 tsp, so if you mix up 1 tbsp of lip balm, you should get 2 tubes - one for you, one for your giftee! I find between 5 small scoops (0.15 cc or 1/32 tsp) and 8 small  scoops of mica will create a really lovely colour that will leave a light shine on the lips.

If you have a colour you really like for a blush, for instance, you can use that colour blend to make your lip shimmer. Make up the colour, then add between 5 and 8 small scoops to 1 tbsp of lip balm!

As a note, you can use your favourite lip balm recipe to create these lip shimmer sticks - just follow the instructions for adding colour! I just thought I'd share my favourite recipe. 

I love making silver or gold glitter powders for Christmas time. A little sparkle adds to the festive atmosphere! (The original post can be found here with an explanation of the ingredients!)

58.3% Micronaspheres or treated sericite mica
41.7% Dry-flo or another translucent filler

Add your favourite glitter or micas to create a shiny product!

Gold shimmer: To 0.5 grams of base, you'll want to add 1 scoop light beige mica of some sort and 1 scoop sparkle or sunpearl gold. To make a full sifter container, you'll want to use 4.0 grams of base to 1/4 tsp oriental beige mica, 1/4 tsp sparkle gold mica.

Silver shimmer: 4 scoops sunpearl silver mica or any other silver, 1 scoop black satin mica. Or 4 cc sunpearl silver mica to 1 cc black satin mica. Add at 1/2 tsp to 4 grams of base.

You can add any micas you want to this at about the same ratio. Mix together your micas until you achieve the colour you want, then add 1/2 tsp to about 4 grams of base.

Join me tomorrow for fun creating gifts suitable for someone new to bath & body!


Patrick said...

I'm thinking of gifts... If I were to make a body wash, scary thought in and of itself, can I add some of the superfine cosmetic glitter? I'm asking because I'm wondering (1) if it will stay mixed in, and (2) if it will make it scratchy? Pat

BRENDA said...

I get allergry very easily, so this new is ok for my skin?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Patrick. If your body wash is thick enough (I mean reasonably thick, not ridiculously thick) and you're using fine cosmetic grade glitter, this will work. We've made body wash with glitter it for my best friend's nieces and they loved it! We didn't find it was scratchy at all! Just remember to use fine or very fine cosmetic glitter, not the stuff you might find in craft stores!

Hi Brenda. Since I don't know what you are allergic to and since I'm not an expert in medical issues, I couldn't possibly say how you would react. Only you and your physician know what will set off a reaction for you, so I'd consult with her before using any product just to be on the safe side.