Friday, November 26, 2010

Sponsored by readers like you - Christmas cards.

We had great fun last night making Christmas cards at the library. I worried we'd have a low turn-out due to the ice and snow, but we had 23 youth in the meeting room making all kinds of lovely cards! We also had fun in Yarrow on Tuesday making cards, and on Monday at the Ed Centre making mineral make-up (it was adorable seeing the boys making eye shadows for their girlfriends!)

If you'd like to make your own lovely snowglobe card, click here for the template

As you know, our youth programs are sponsored by readers like you. When you contribute to our groups by buying either the Back to Basics or Hair Care: Shampoos & Conditioners e-books, you contribute to four different programs at three different locations (Chilliwack and Yarrow libraries, and the Ed Centre alternative school). We're scheduling our programming for the winter and spring seasons so far, and we have so much fun planned for the future! Making scarves with fleece, sushi making, more mineral make-up, hair and skin care products, polymer clay, and so much more! My favourite group of the year is coming up - the Christmas extravaganza! Three hours of crafting Christmas presents and decorations chosen by the youth. This year Yarrow will see some super happy fun soap, beeswax candles, and jewellery making, while Chilliwack has yet to choose! (If you want to know more about our programs, click here!)

As a note, if you've already donated to the programs and have the books, but want to gift someone else, make a donation and note that you want to send a copy to a friend!

And the third book is coming out shortly - I'm just finding it really hard not to make the lotion book 400 pages!


melian1 said...

its great to hear about the youth groups, and what they're doing. what you're doing with them will impact them in the most positive and wonderful ways for their whole lives.

re the lotion book, go ahead and make it 400 pages, i won't mind!! LOL

The Craftman said...

So nice to see people using our papers in such a positive way... if there is any particular designs you need just let us know and we'll see if we can sort something out.