Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Manly products for manly men - an overview

My dad was a manly man. He liked manly things like plumbing and/or pipefitting, hockey, drinking alcoholic beverages, and bubble baths. Whaaaaaat? Yep, almost every man I know enjoys a good bubble bath from time to time, and why shouldn't they? It's an enjoyable experience!

I didn't get to share any of the products I make with my dad as he died 9 years ago, but I do get to share my products with my husband, my best friend's husband, and other men in my life. So let's take a look at what differentiates a manly product from a non-manly product.

In commercial products it's about the name and fragrance choice and calling things other things to make it more manly. Apparently men have "man-hides" instead of skin, use pouffy scrubby things called "detailers", and they "hydrate" rather than moisturize their skin.

Creating products for men isn't really all that different than creating products for women. Men tend to like drier feeling lotions, like "hand cream that won't make you break out if you accidentally touch your face or cause you to wreck from the steering wheel slip" (love that comment, Patrick!), and they tend to like multifunctional products, like 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner or 2-in-1 body wash and shampoo products. I've heard from men they want more products for shaving, and they want things that don't sound girly.

Here are a few ideas for products men might like to use...
So let's see how we can modify a few of our products for manly men who want manly products over the next few days! But first, let's take a short look at the differences between men's and women's skin!


BillyGoatFarm said...

Yeah! Not sure of the inspiration for this post, but it IS inspired. We guys like stuff, too, and some of us even own a stickblender! Totally respect you for your work with kids AND this Chemistry for WannaBe's. Your post is dead on! Will

Anonymous said...

Wow, to me you're like royalty so having my email mentioned in your blog is like getting a nod from the Queen. Really.

Dumb question, tho, would there be a way to change up the shampoo/conditioner and/or the body wash, to make it an all in one wash that can be used on both hair and body parts?

It's a drag taking multiple anything to the gym, plus this will involve a goodly bit of shopping (and expense).

Thanks, Patrick

Denette said...

What a great post! My husband has super sensitive skin and is having a hard time finding facial products that don't cause him to break out or cause razor burn and red bumps. This has given me some good ideas of some products I can try to make him. Thanks!

I have to admit that I did laugh a bit when I read about the lufa being called a "detailer"!! The other day I was checking out some of the new body washes and saw that AXE has a lufa type device for men and they called it a "shower tool." I guess I never thought of how important marketing and branding is when it comes to products for men. Thanks for the info!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Patrick! Yep, we'll be addressing the possibility of a 3-in-1 product in the next few days (around the 24th - I'm still trying to find the energy to write posts as I fight this horrible flu!). We could do a liquid or a solid - I think we'll do both! The nice thing is that our hair and skin have around the same pH, so we don't need to make a ton of tweaks!

Hi Will! For some reason, we always ignore the men, but my husband loves my products. Whenever I compliment his hair or skin, he always attributes it to the "exclusive line of hair/skin care products" he uses (blush! he's so cute!). I'm making a ton of products for the boys in our youth groups as thank you/Christmas presents - they've done so much work for us this year, and I think they deserve something nice!

Hi Denette! "Shower tool" that sounds kind know...funny? They couldn't come up with a better name. I can just see the marketing guys, "We need to call this poufy girly thing something else. Something like 'shower tool' but not as stupid." As quitting time approaches, they finally agree "shower tool" doesn't sound so silly, after all.

Anonymous said...

What a great post - just at the right time - it saves a lot of headaches thinking of "presents" for the Holidays. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Are either of these shaving lotions like a gel? I use Nivea Gel, which make the old days of soapy shaving cream barbaric. If they are, I might have to go shopping and try making some. I have the definite impression these aren't grocery store items, however. I've gotten spoiled after getting married - I used to use Ajax cleanser on a washcloth to "exfolliate" my face (and never had problems with blackheads), now I've got something with squishy coloured beads! Probably time to search the internet. What is a toner? Is it like a pre-electric shave lotion, or is it like the liquid on a baby wipe? I steal the kid's diaper wipes and keep them in the truck - they're perfect for wiping/washing your face - my cheeks get dry but my nose and forehead get oily and they're perfect for both. The 3-in-one product you mentioned sounds great also - the fewer bottles in the shower the better, just not too drying. The guy lotion might come in handy, but I'm betting it's tough to make. I quit buying hand lotions because they always stay slimy. Corn Huskers helps sometimes. When my hands get too dry I'll smear them with olive oil and wear gloves to bed, but a lotion might keep them from getting horrible after snow shovelling which is the worst. PS: I have and love my Axe shower tool, and unlike my wife's loofah, it doesn't get smelly. PPS: When posting your formulas can you show the "requireds" and the "optionals"? If I like the basic, then I'll experiment to the deluxe. Frank

p said...

LOL at your quitting time comment, Susan! Hilarious!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Frank. No, neither of these are gel type products - they're both like lotions that you'd spread on your face then shave. When you rinse, it leaves behind a lotion that will moisturize (or hydrate) your skin. Lotions aren't tough to make - if you use the right procedure, it's like following any recipe. The lotions I'm writing about are drier feeling lotions, so they shouldn't feel slimy at all! (I'm not a fan of the slimy, but I do like the greasy!)

I'm happy to post the basics, but for some of them, the optionals are what make them feel different. If I were to post the basic recipe, you'd probably find them too greasy. But if I include the optionals, like IPM or different emulsifiers, you get a different product altogether. But I'm happy to make up a basic non-slimy, non-greasy recipe that you can use as a starting point!

My dad used to use Ajax and clothes washing detergent to clean up after work, and his skin eventually got very very bad. So thin that if you pressed too hard, he'd get bruises. I don't think this is typical, though, because he spent his life swimming in oil (quite literally) and surrounded by what we know are toxic and very bad chemicals, and eventually ended up in the hospital for quite some time after serious asbestos and fibreglass exposure gave him a hideous and painful rash.

Anonymous said...

Yikes at the thought of a skin problem severe enough to hospitalize anyone. That's so sad. Thankfully the laws protect us better nowadays.

My days of Ajax are over, I've come to appreciate the good stuff.

My wife is shopping today to see what (if anything) she can find locally, then ordering the rest.

When we were researching this stuff last evening, we were surprised to see that the chemical-sounding stuff is sort of natural. We both liked that.

We decided this will be an early Christmas present for us both, along with a mixer. There should be an interesting Sunday soon resulting from all this including lotion and cookies!

Thanks, Frank

Christian said...

Whats the difference between gels and lotions? One is transparent, one isnt? Ive found I like gel face stuffs cuz they dont have oil but dont leave ur skin trashed. Plus they look newer ~~ like Garniers green tubes. I dont think id like making oil lotion but gel is cool. Is gelling harder? I can use labs if eqpt is needed.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Frank! It sounds like you'll be having fun this weekend - the best of all worlds with lotions and cookies! I am warning you that this can be addictive, so you probably won't want to stop at the first lotion once you've made it! Have fun!

Hi Christian. No, none of the products I have listed here are gels. There are many differences between the two - it's not as simple as saying one is clear and one isn't.

You can easily make a gel with an ingredient like a carbomer, which you can find at various suppliers. Here's the start of a series I wrote on gels - if you click to newer post at the bottom of the post, you'll get the next one. You don't need a ton of equipment, and it's quite easy to make a gel. The key is to neutralize it properly.

Making a lotion is great fun, and it's not difficult. You can make many more products from a lotion type recipe than a gel type recipe - it's hard to integrate oils and other lovely ingredients into a gel, whereas it's quite simple with a lotion. Either way, making your own products is great fun!

Melanie Klar said...

Here's something you might want to add to your men's products-a pomade. A popular pomade is Bona Fide. It's a water-based pomade. My son is a barber and would love a version without PEGs. Here are the ingredients. Water (Aqua), Ceteareth-25, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycerin, Polysorbate-20, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Fragrance (Parfum), Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, DMDM Hydantoin, Orange 4
Could we subsitute the PEGSs for something else and get a similar pomade?

Moxie said...

I found this post and had to laugh, absolutely nailed the man in my life!! He hates anything that feels greasy on his skin; uses the soap I make on everything (body, face, scalp, beard); and likes that the fragrance I use for his soap is called "monkey farts". In fact if I'm giving samples to ANYONE, he wants me to give them the Monkey Farts fragrance.

He definitely has thicker skin, but his face is SUPER dry. He gets dry acne and scaling along his forehead. I made him a beard oil (which he loves), but other than that anything that feels oily or greasy makes him run away! (Even kisses when I'm wearing chapstick make him cringe! *laughing*)

Bless the men, I adore them. I'll putter through the men's products and see what else will become scented with Monkey Farts..