Friday, November 26, 2010

The 1000th post! Let's celebrate!

Happy 1000th post! To celebrate, I've put together a PDF of my ten favourite recipes, those recipes I simply can't live without, as a thank you to my lovely readers.

I started this blog in late February 2009 with the goal of sharing some of the information I had gathered and a few of my favourite recipes, and your encouragement and enthusiasm has turned this into a daily thing for me. Every morning I wake up, make a lovely pot of tea, and sit down in front of Glinda (yes, my MacBook Pro has a name!), and read your e-mails and comments. They spur me on to research new things or run into the workshop to try something new, and I thank you for it!

Click here for the download - Swift's Favourite Recipes. (This will have a permanent home in the downloads section to the right!)

Again, thank you for your support and enthusiasm!


Anonymous said...

Congratulation and a big THANK YOU.


S. K. Alexander said...

Woot woot!! Congratulations!! You've inspired me, as well. Your posts have me running to try new things, I look forward to every last one of them. :-)

S. K. Alexander said...

I forgot to thank you for your generosity! Thanks for sharing your recipes and knowledge!! Keep up the great work.

Mychelle said...

Happy 1000th post! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and generosity!

Mich said...

Wow! 1000! You are amazing...your dedication to studying the chemistry of cosmetics, your determination to perfect formulae, and then your generosity to share everything you've learned and created with all of us!

Thank you for inspiring (and enabling) us!


melian1 said...

congratulations on 1000 posts! and a HUGE thank you for doing it!

after the new year i'm going to order a bunch of new ingredients and for the first time step into the world of body washes and shampoos... due to your blog and how inspiring it is. i can't say thank you enough.

Anonymous said...

I have a file of all of your posts on the blog which just hit 1500 pages yesterday! Keep up the good work!

Will said...

Congratulations on 1000! That's nothing short of incredible, especially considering the incredible quality of the content.