Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preservatives: What's coming up!

Some of you are so eager to learn more about various preservatives, that you're jumping ahead and asking questions about posts that haven't been written yet! I like to establish the components of the various ingredients - in this case, what we find in our preservatives and how they work - then go into the ingredients themselves. Now that we've covered most of the most popular components of the preservatives and how they work, I'll be starting a series on the specific preservatives starting tomorrow.

Here's the schedule...
October 22 - Liquid Germall Plus
October 23 - Germaben II
October 24 - Phenonip
October 25 - Optiphen
October 26 - Optiphen ND
October 27 - Optiphen Plus
October 28 - Liquipar
October 29 - Liquipar PE
October 30 - Liquipar Optima
October 31 - Geogard Ultra
November 1 - Suttocide A
November 2 - Cosmocil CQ


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Swift! I am especially enjoying the focus on preservatives. :-)


Meaue said...

Susan - an e-book on the preservative series would be great (and for more donations!). Otherwise, I need to cut,paste,print for my own printed archives....just a thought.

Christine E. said...

Awesome! This series is so incredibly helpful, I can't thank you enough.