Saturday, July 3, 2010

Question: What next?

As we move into the lazy summer months, when I generally have more time to write and experiment, I'm wondering what you want to know? What interests you at the moment? I'll be writing a few more posts on how to use conditioning emulsifiers in other creations, and then a short series on nail care products along with a challenge I hope you'll enjoy, but I love hearing from you, my wonderful readers who keep me inspired! 

Do you want to see series of posts or random posts on different topics? Do you want to send in questions or should I just write about whatever pops into my head that morning? Do you like the in-depth posts about ingredients or want more recipes? Do you want to know more about ingredients you might not have used before or those with which you are familiar? 

I'm up for any and all suggestions, so bring on the comments! 


Anonymous said...

I would love to see an in depth series on preservatives.

Debby said...

Hi Susan,

I would love to know how to incorporate liquid botanical extracts containing glycerin and water into a facial serum. Can d- panthenol and hydrolyzed proteins be added too?


Celine said...

I'd love something about facial products, serums etc ... plus something about lip treatments, eye treatments etc. Love your blog!

mimimoo said...

could you talk about other type of emulsification not using HLB? I have found mention of polymer emulsion, lamellar system in some vendor sites. Also there are some emulsifier that does not require the application of heat, wonder how it works.

you blog is superb!

Row said...

While most of your topics are of interest to me I would really enjoy a recap on mineral makeup. Reagardless of what you decide keep your posts coming. They are wonderful

Sierra Snow Soaps said...

I am still in the middle of moving. The renters trashed the house so we have to keep stopping the move to fix things. :( whatever you put up I will catch up with later. At least moving gives me a huge chance to decrapify and organize. Thank you again for all the fun info.
Michelle in NV

Anonymous said...

I would love to learn more about silicones. The more depth, the better! Thanks for such a great blog.

Kristen said...

Ok, here's a head scratcher for you:
After 10+X (I don't want to let the cat out of the bag) years of trying every conceivable 'non-comedogenic' product to moisturize my face, a month ago, I find 'Complex 15.'
(Seriously, I cannot even use hand lotion and I break out the same day; let alone using it at night without gloves on...teenage-zit-city.)
So what is it about the breakdown of this 7 dollar product? And now that I am venturing deeper into your body-product wonderland, how do I replicate something like this?

Kristen said...

Oh, but I am all for whatever pops into that beautifully conditioned skull of yours too!

LadyBird said...


I also would like something about eyecreams and treatments, also in May in a most you mentioned doing some posts on afro-amercan hair. That would be awesome and much appreciated if you could

p said...

I'd love to know more about beeswax & borax lotions - how do they work, what are the right usage rates to make an emulsion stable (or stable enough for the life of the product), stuff like that? I've heard mention that way beeswax & borax works is that borax makes a sort of soap out of the beeswax, but this makes no sense to me! Also, I know you don't make CP soap, but I'd love to hear your explanation of the chemistry behind it.

I'd love a series on hair styling products - gels, sprays, pomades, stuff like that.

It'd be great to have a series on individual essential oils, what they do and what research supports their use, similar to your extracts post.

My favorite posts of yours are in-depth series on ingredients with usage suggestions, though really everything you write is awesome, whether it's part of a series or off the cuff. Your blog is an incredible resource!

Wendy said...

Hi Susan, I need to learn more about what ingredients can be used to help with the penetration of all the "goodness" in a moisturizer or lotion. I am always wondering if I am getting the full benefits of the ingredients I use or if they just evaporating on the top of my skin.

Thank you so much for sharing all of your precious wisdom!