Friday, July 9, 2010

Back to basics!

I taught a craft group about a month ago where I taught my teens how to make a lotion. The recipe was one of the first recipes I tried myself, a body mousse with a six ingredients - water, humectant, oil, emulsifier, thickener, and preservative. It is absolutely lovely and a staple in my recipe book to this day. (I can't post the recipe here as I didn't create it, but the key is in whipping it for quite some time after mixing the two phases together.) Their reaction to the recipe - words like "wow!" and "awesome!" get the point across - got me thinking about how simple can equal awesome.

Take the babassu, sal, and hemp seed oil whipped butter I made a few months ago. Five ingredients - the three aforementioned, plus Vitamin E and fragrance oil - made an amazing feeling butter that melted on skin contact. (Really, I should consider this three ingredients, because the Vitamin E and fragrance oil didn't bring anything to the skin feel, but you get the point...)

With these thoughts in mind, I've decided to take a few days to get back to basics, to re-visit those recipes I tried when I started off making bath and body products armed with the knowledge I have now. If you're new to bath and body product creation, then I hope I'm offering you a place to start your journey. If you're a veteran, then I hope I'm offering you an opportunity to re-visit some old favourites.

Let's start with whipped butters...

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Melanie Klar said...

About anhydrous products-my son is a barber and likes the way my beeswax/oil based pomade styles the hair but doesn't like how hard it is to wash out. Couldn't I add a solubizer (such as Polyglycery oleate, sorbitan oleate or cocoamide dea-I have these on hand) and wouldn't that make it wash out easier?