Thursday, July 8, 2010

An aside...Using cationic quats in other products: Body butter

If you've made an intense conditioner, you're on the road to making a body butter! You've already made an emulsion using BTMS-50 as an emulsifier, and you've already done the heat and hold thing with your oil and water phases. You've learned how to add things in the cool down phase, and you've learned how to package the product. If you're nervous about making lotions, don't be - you've already made quite a few which we called conditioners!

What's the difference between an intense conditioner with butter and oils and a body butter? (Click here for a PDF of the differences!) We'll up the oils and butters, up the humectants, and remove the cetrimonium chloride. We can use BTMS-50 as our emulsifier for a body butter, which will give it a slightly drier feeling than if we used Polawax or emulsifying wax. I've added IPM and allantoin to my body butter as those are always great addition to make a body butter feel a little less glidy (although the BTMS will offer those qualities) and some barrier protection.

Here's the basic recipe from which I always start...

60% water
2% sodium lactate or glycerin

10% oils
15% shea, mango, cocoa, or butter of choice
6% emulsifier - BTMS-50, Polawax, or emulsifying wax
3% cetyl alcohol

0.5 to 1% preservative
1% fragrance or essential oil blend

Please follow the general lotion making instructions for this recipe. As usual, you can modify this body butter with all kinds of botanical extracts, hydrosols, silicones, humectants, and proteins.

Here are a few links to give you some ideas for modifying this body butter recipe...
Join me tomorrow for a wrap up of surfactants, cationic quaternary compounds, and hair care products in general!

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Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Dog shampoo. I know, but someone was talking about dogs Ph being different and I was a little confused by that. My dog is not letting me stick a Ph strip in her mouth, even for science. She wants to run (too humid).

I'd love a doggy shampoo. I've thought about it and what would be in it. I'd want it to be low sudsing, and easy to rinse, with EO's that dogs like and maybe some herbs to sooth itching. Oatmeal for sure. Since we both love dogs and many of your fans are fans too...I know someone said to not wash your dog, but a mud covered husky that rolled in poo, is getting a bath, once a month or so.