Saturday, July 3, 2010

An aside...Leave-in conditioners become beard conditioners

I've written about beard conditioners before, but I thought I'd expand the topic a little more considering we've been discussing conditioners at length for a while.

Manly men with giant beards can benefit from beard conditioners in two ways - it can help keep their beards nicely conditioned and detangled, and it can help moisturize the skin underneath. This does tend to be more of a winter than summer product, but if you choose some nice humectants, you can help cool down the skin underneath the beard as well.

I suggest using a high linoleic oil with a longer shelf life like rice bran or sesame seed oil as men tend to keep their products longer than we do and use less. For men with very dry skin, consider using borage or evening primrose oil as it contains GLA, which helps restore skin's barrier abilities quicker than oils with just linoleic acid. As we're not using much, you can use a more spendy oil in this recipe. (Links to all the oils and butters posts can be found here.) I've included 1% Vitamin E in this recipe to soften skin and behave as an anti-oxidant for the oils.

Feel free to include your hydrosols and extracts and modify the amounts as you wish. Lavender hydrosol would be very nice to soothe annoyed skin, and rosemary might be nice for oily skinned men. Peppermint might be a nice inclusion as a humectant (the hydrosol part) and to offer a little tingle of cooling.

79% water
10% aloe vera juice
3% glycerin
1% hydrolyzed protein (I like cromoist)

2% BTMS-50
3% oil of choice

1% Vitamin E
0.5% panthenol
0.5% germall plus

If the beardy in your life wants to use it like a lotion, he (or she, if you have some bearded friends!) can pour it into his hands. In this case, you can increase your oils to up to 10% and still see emulsification (remove 7% from the water portion!) I like to bottle this like a leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle to make it easier to use, but some people don't like spraying themselves in the face, so ask the bearded one for his preference!

Join me tomorrow for turning a leave in conditioner into a light, sprayable lotion!

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