Friday, July 2, 2010

An aside...Conditioners become shaving products (part 2)

I like to make a conditioner-like shaving lotion as well...(originally from this post)

3% Incroquat BTMS or cetrimonium bromide
2% cetyl alcohol
2% jojoba oil
2.7% shea, fractionated coconut, or other light oil
2% phytokeratin or other hydrolyzed protein
1.1% silk protein

5% aloe vera (increase to 10% if you like)
80.7% water
1% hydrovance or other humectant of choice (glycerin isn't a great choice here)

0.5% preservative (Liquid Germall Plus at 0.5%, 1% for Germaben II)
1% fragrance or essential oil

Weigh the BTMS, cetyl alcohol, jojoba oil, and shea oil into a Pyrex jug. Weigh the water and aloe vera into another container. Put both containers into a double boiler, melt, and hold until the temperature reaches 70˚C. Remove from the heat and blend the two containers together, mixing well. Leave for a bit, then mix again. When the temperature reaches 45˚C, add panthenol, preservative, and fragrance oil (up to 1%). Bottle when the mixture reaches room temperature. You can use a pump, disc top, or turret cap bottle.

You can easily modify this recipe, as seen here - shaving lotion with green tea extract or shaving lotion with chamomile, honeysuckle and rosemary extracts -  and follow it up with an after shave spray (although, you probably won't need more moisturizing after shaving with these products!)

Join me tomorrow to make a beard conditioner for our non-shaving loved ones!


Anne-Marie said...

I love the idea of combining a conditioning recipe with a shaving recipe. Thanks again for sharing another great idea!

Nathan said...

I have on hand Stearic acid, glycerin, emulsifying wax nf, olive oil, hemp oil, mango butter and bentonite clay, gerbomen II, and I also have beeswax. I want to make a shaving lotion is that possible with these ingrediants?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Nathan. Have you ever made any emulsified product? If not, then can I suggest you look at the recipes I've written on men's products - I have a shaving lotion that you could make - and choose one of those as your starting point. (Look at the labels section of the blog and click on men's products and scroll down to see the shaving lotion recipes. Or just click on the link I've just created!) Don't use stearic acid - it's too draggy for a shaving lotion! And I don't use clay in my products as it really is quite hard to preserve, and the last thing you want is a mouldy shaving lotion!

tracy mair said...

Hi, im trying to make a men's shave cream and have made it once without the surfactants and was very nice but needed more lather. I purchased some cocamidopropyl and Dea and the recipe calls for castille soap as well. Is this all the surfactants I would need and at what ratio is it added? BTW, awesome page I stumbled across, thank you!

tracy mair said...

The recipe goes like this:
Aloe vera gel quarter cup 1 bar cake soap 2T coconut oil 2T olive oil 2T castor oil 1t colloidal silver 1t raw honey and essential oils of choice. I read a 4:1 ratio but I'm not sure any help would be great thank you :)

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Tracy. Sorry, I can't work with volume measurements like the one in the recipe you have posted there.

A Fajardo said...

Hi Susan, what's the difference between shaving lotion and shaving bar aside from being a lotion and the other, a bar, of course? Not sure how and when they are used (I don't shave as I do not have extra hair to shave (*_*), but I have siblings that I might want to make them for. Thank you!