Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Mole Day (North America)

It's June 2, which means it's Mole Day in North America! From wikipedia: A mole has 6.02×10(23) atoms or molecules of the pure substance being measured. A mole of a substance has mass in grams exactly equal to the substance's molecular or atomic weight. So if carbon has an atomic weight of 12 grams, this means that 12 grams of carbon contains 6.02x10(23) atoms. Isn't that great!

So why do I care? Because it's June (month 6) 2 (02), which means it's Mole Day. If you live in the Commonwealth, you can enjoy mole day on February 6 (6-02) or you can enjoy it again in North America on October 23rd (10-23).

How am I celebrating? Last year, on October 23rd, I bought 60 Timbits for my team at work in an attempt to get a mole of baked goods. I had planned to bring in a mole of cupcakes, but if you consider that each cupcake would represent an atom, and each weighs about 18 grams, I would have to had to make 18 x 6.02x10(23) cupcakes, which would do more than fill up our building (and would have taken me a whole lotta time to make them!)

If you like this shirt, then consider buying it from Mental Floss. Oh, and get the Periodic Table of Elements shower curtain! Love this!

If Mole Day isn't your thing, then consider today is also Yell Fudge at the Cobras in North America Day and Leave Work Early Day! I am planning to leave early today, as a matter of fact, but there are no cobras near my house...sigh!

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