Friday, April 2, 2010

Whipped babassu, sal, and hemp seed oil butter!

I'm declaring April the month to try something different (at least for me, but you're welcome to play along). I made a lotion yesterday with all kinds of ingredients I've never used before, and today I thought I'd make a new whipped butter. (If you want to know more about babassu oil, click here!)

32.5% hemp seed oil (refined)
22% sal butter
43.5% babassu oil
1% Vitamin E
1% FO (Cream cheese frosting from Brambleberry)

Melt the ingredients until they are just liquid, then put in the freezer until the mixture has started to harden on the sides. Whip like silly until it has almost doubled in size. Get your containers ready because this is going to be really easy to put into jars. (I wish I'd used some kind of piping bag instead of glopping it in, but I'm not great with presentation, I know.)

WOW! I'm lost for words...excuse me for a moment.

Okay, I'm back. I am in love with this recipe. It has stayed whipped and light and airy and WOW! The consistency is amazing - very light and airy, like a light mousse - and it melts when it hits my skin. Not too greasy, not too dry! WOW!

This must sound like I'm being arrogant, being so amazed by something I've made, but my repeated wows are about the babassu oil! I did not expect such a light, whippy, fluffy butter out of something that was so hard when I tried to get it out of the container.

An hour after applying it, my skin feels moisturized and not at all greasy. Four hours after application, my skin still feels lovely and soft, slightly oily in a good way. Wow!

To quote Arrested Development, "I'm having a love affair with this babassu oil!"

Point of interest: Making glittery cupcake birthday cards is not the best idea after applying this whipped butter. I'm covered in lime green sparkles! Not complaining, just observing.


Meaue said...

I want to make this!! I have no sal butter - would kokum work well? I love whipped butters!!

Celine@Soaperstar said...

Ohhh sounds lovely! I really like Babassu... it's a great oil. I want to try this in a lip balm too. I've never used Sal Butter though, will have to check this out. Thanks!

SierraSnowSoaps said...

I love babassu and have always used it in my body butters. Just whipping it with some hemp sounds yummy! I'm going to have to try this also.
Michelle in NV

ukihunter said...

This sounds awesome! I will have to make an order with Voyageur now.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

I chose sal butter because I'd never used it before. You could substitute one of the butters from this post. I'd suggest picking something with a similar melting point and/or fatty acid profile. I haven't used kokum yet - I have some in the workshop ready for action! - but it seems like it would be harder than sal, which could change the consistency, so you might want to use less. Try it and let us know what you think!

Meaue said...

Well - dang it all... I couldn't find my kokum (dare I say I have too much stuff and not enough room?) So, I ordered sal butter and will have to wait (unless I run across the kokum). I figured out the hardness too, but was going to give it a try with a reduction in %.

Meaue said...

Finally made this (with the sal).... you should be patting yourself on the back! The combination of these oils/butters makes an amazing whipped butter. This melts like butter on your skin - yet soaks in and "dries" quickly. It seems to be very healing also, I had a big gouge on one of my fingers since Saturday - and it has finally starting healing over since using this yesterday... and my cuticles aren't as dry and raggedy. This is a keeper! (Works well as an eye cream too!)

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Meaue! Isn't it lovely! I'm so thrilled with this recipe. It's such a nice combination!

One down side, though, it only has a 3 to 6 month shelf life. If you wanted to make it longer, you could try a different oil in place of the hempseed.

Meaue said...

What if I kept the extra couple jars in the refrigerator - do I buy a little time? BTW - when I it's a great eye cream, I mean it!!

Naomi said...

Just made the babassu, sal and hemp seed oil butter. Love it! Surprisingly light and silky. I like it a lot.

If I wanted to make it a little less greasy (my sister doesn't like her palms to get "shiny"), is it the sal butter that's imparts the slight greasiness? What would you sub - shea? mango?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

I think it's the babassu that makes it greasier. You could try using a more astringent oil like grapeseed (3 month life span), macadamia nut, or hazelnut oil. If you want to switch out the sal butter for something I'd go with mango butter. Cocoa or shea will only make it greasier! Don't change the babassu - that stuff's so heavenly!

You could add 2% IPM to the mix to make it feel less greasy, and I find 2% cyclomethicone keeps the slickness of it, but decreases the greasiness.

Naomi said...

I'll try the mango butter for a less greasier feel. It's the Babassu oil that is so intriguing.

Anonymous said...

when adding fragrance oils is it best to place the final product on the scale and pour the recommended amount until the scale reads say 1%or whatever the recommended percentage maybe or should the 1% be measured in a different container and then transferred to the final product?

Wendy said...

This is a very intriguing post. If you're left speechless over a made recipe, then I know I must try it. I wanted to follow your recipe as is, but had an allergic reaction to unrefined Hemp seed oil, so I substituted it with Argan Oil (love the way this makes skin feel on its own).

I melted the Sal Butter (22%) and Babassu Oil (43.5%) together using the double boiler method. Once they melted, added the Argan oil (32.5%) and stirred it up well. I poured the contents in a jar and placed it in the freezer for about 10 min to cool it down. Added 2% essential Oil (omitted the Vitamin E), stirred it some and placed it back in the freezer until it started to harden and at this point whipped it up using a hand mixer.

The end result: It was light and airy as you described. It melts on contact with the skin and rubs in without a too greasy feel afterwards. It does sink into the skin quickly. An hour after using this product my skin is soft and does feel moisturized. Unfortunately, after it cooled to room temperature it started to melt into a thick oil. I plan to use this as a hand and body oil. Another idea I had was to use this mixture as the oil portion in a lotion or cream recipe (where it calls for 20 to 25% oil/butter, use this mixture as the oil/butter part). I'll try this again and probably increase the Sal Butter to 30%, removing 8% from the Argan oil.

angibean720 said...

Hi, I love the way this recipe sounds... I have tinkered with Babassu oil and LOVE how quickly it absorbs into the skin... having an almost identical consistency to coconut oil, it melts quickly to an oil, but unlike coconut oil, it leaves NO greasy feeling behind... almost a bit too dry perhaps... I was thinking of adding it to some shea butter and cocoa butter and perhaps another liquid oil, like grapeseed which has quick absorbtion like Babassu, but not TOO QUICK... I have no experience with Sal butter and would like to have a butter that holds up at room temperature.. I want to pipe it and give it as gifts... should I add some beeswax, perhaps? Any suggestions... PLEASE.

angibean720 said...

Hi I would LOVE to try this recipe especially since I have been tinkering with babassu oil and I love how quickly it absorbs into the skin... Unfortunately I find that it absorbs a bit too completely leaving a not so dewy feeling... I think I would add Shea and perhaps some cocoa butter to the recipe for extra consistency as I have no experience with Sal butter... I was considering the addition of grapeseed oil which also absorbs quickly but leaves a bit more of itself behind... also, I considered adding some beeswax for extra firmness as I intend to pipe my butter for gifts. What about Jojoba oil and vit e as an antioxidant to slow deterioration of oils? Does anyone have anything they can suggest to me? Would really love to make these this Christmas but don't want to give a jar of melted oil... or something that leaves a long lasting oily feeling... this is why I love your babassu idea! Please let me know what you think and thanks for your great recipes!

Jenn said...

Hi Susan,
I am learning so much about chemistry because of your site and I wanted to confirm my comprehension on recipe modifications.

I wanted to make the above whipped butter but with 5% glycerin added. I believe that I will require an emulsifier, even though there is no water being added, because I understand that glycerin is water-soluble.

Also, I understand the emulsifier would have to be 25% of the oil phase, so 23.75% of the total ingredients if my mathematics are correct.

Is this correct?

Finally, given the consistency of whipped butter is already thick, do you still recommend I add a co-emulsifier? I was going to leave it out.

Your advice and guidance is much appreciated.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Jenn. The problem is this: Having 95% butters and 5% glycerin would create a water-in-oil lotion, which requires a very different emulsifier than e-wax. I appreciate that you did the work to figure out 25% of the oil phase, but your product is one big oil phase. The concepts of making an oil-in-water product do not apply here. You can try adding a bit of glycerin with some e-wax - maybe try 5% glycerin with 5% e-wax - but then you need a good preservative too. I would like to suggest that you make a lotion based body butter instead, which you can find in the newbie section of the blog.

As an aside, anything water soluble is considered water for the purposes of emulsification.

Let me know if you try this and how it turns out!

November Ten said...

Susan, I learned so much from your books and blog! The books are my go to resource!. I think it's awesome that this post was created in 2010 but still active in 2016. ;) I LOVE this lotion, but wondering if I can modify it to withstand the summer heat? Can I add e-wax? If so, what's the %?

Thanks, Susan!

Linda Meza said...

Happy New Year Susan; I'd finished up a concoction found on another blog and wanted to give this body butter a whirl so I whipped up a batch. I swapped out Meadowfoam for the Hemp and added 10% EPO. I also forgot to add my Vit E. I've never made a whipped body butter before nor have I used one so I didn't have any preconceptions of what it was I was creating. My question is did I throw off the balance by not upping my Sal or do body butters immediately melt the moment they come into contact with your skin?

My mixture is stable, so far, however when I go to dab some out the mixture touching my skin behaves like an ice cube on a hot surface and immediately begins to melt.

Thanks - Linda