Friday, April 9, 2010

Cetrimonium chloride - even more awesome than before!

Now, I know you don't need another reason to include cetrimonium chloride in your conditioners, but here it can help remove silicone build up on your hair! Yep, our beloved detangling and softening agent can actually help if you've been using enough cyclomethicone and/or dimethicone in your conditioners or anti-frizz sprays to de-static an army!

You don't need much - using 2% in our products is more than enough - and now it works double duty! (I'm like Alton Brown that way - I like ingredients with more than one purpose!)

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Roseann said...

I am so in LOVE with this stuff, I actually just bought 40lbs of it! I was NOT aware that it helps with the build up of the cones. Another reason for me to LOVE it! I have been including it in my shampoo AND conditioner bars both at 2%