Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sensitive (s) skin type - stinging type

Sensitive skin type, stinging type, is characterized by a tendency to experience almost immediate stinging or burning sensations in response to various ingredients used in our products. If you have stinging with redness or inflammation, odds are you have the rosacea type skin. Stinging type skin isn't generally accompanied by redness or inflammation - both of which are found in the other sensitive skin types.

There aren't a lot of suggestions on how to treat this skin type - there's more information on what to avoid that might cause stinging. Here are a few things to avoid...
You may have a stinging response to any or all of these ingredients. If you want to see your response to these things, don't use them neat - most of us will have an adverse reaction to 100% AHA or urea. (Okay, shea butter is an exception to this as you could use it at 100%). Try diluting the ingredient with water or oil to the appropriate level for that ingredient, then try it. (And remember, sometimes expecting a response can produce the sensation...)

As a note, this is not an allergic response, so if you can't have these ingredients, you aren't necessarily allergic to them. And a sensitivity to sodium lauryl sulfate does not mean you are sensitive to the other sulfate or sodium based surfactants out there. SLS is a very strong detergent - the rest (like SLSa, SLeS, SCI, and so on) are very mild and quite lovely for our skin.

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