Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy National Craft Month!

It's March 1st, so that means we are in store for some fun - 30 days of creating, making, and enjoying the crafts we love! To honour this month, here are my two favourite non bath & body crafts - jewellery making and sewing. Try something new this month!

If I try another new craft, I think my family will have me committed, so I shall be working on expanding my horizons as a formulator by playing with new stuff! I just need some workshop time!!!

Why I decided to take up such a fiddly craft when my eye sight is degrading so quickly, I'm buying a new pair of reading glasses every few months, I'll never know. But I do love designing and wearing my own stuff! I mean, try finding lime green earrings! You can't!

Handout: Making earrings

I love sewing - I'm working on a new messenger bag with the cutest pie fabric! - so here are a few of my favourite patterns! (Don't let not having a sewing machine stop you from sewing. I sew everything by hand - purses, bags, shorts, and so on. For about $5.00 for some needles, pins, thread, and a pair of scissors, you can start making your own beautiful stuff!)

Make a dual layer sunglass case. I love this pattern! I can keep my sunglasses in the front and my reading glasses inside...Pattern and instructions.

Make a cool tie - pattern & instructions here.

Make a flax bag - pattern & instructions here.

Happy National Craft Month!

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