Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chemistry of skin: Skin types

There are a million different ways to figure out your skin type, but I've chosen to go with the Baumann skin type indicator (or BSTI). There is a quiz for this, but we can't access it without a recommendation from a dermatologist, so we'll just go with the concepts found in this assessment for these posts.

There are four main categories in the BSTI:
Your skin will fall into one of the two categories, and you'll have four letters indicating your skin type. Right now I feel like I'm an oily-sensitive-pigmented-wrinkled or OSPW!

The BSTI isn't the end all and be all of skin type assessments - for instance, what about normal skin? - but it does offer an interesting framework for thinking about our skin and how to formulate for various types!

So let's start with the dry to oily skin type!


Anonymous said...

nice writeup on various kind of skin types!

Magia said...

I have, what as traditionally been called "combination skin". So on my face, it's oily in some places and dry in others at times. I'm trying to work out where this fits on the oily/dry category?

Usually when it comes to skin care, I look for things which help balance sebum production, combined with moisturising ingredients. I recently made myself a batch of something very like Sweet Japanese Girl, which Lush used to do, as I haven't found a better cleanser for my skin type EVER!

Anyway, how would you reckon combination skin on these skin type categories?

Charlotte said...

I'm not sure where to ask, but do you have any suggestions for burns/skin grafts?

My mom, who turns 70 next month, was severely burned in a house fire almost four years ago. She is much better now, thankfully, but she had to have some skin grafts on her hands, arms, and chest. The "new" skin is healed but it is very thin, dry, and delicate. She also had burns on her face. Her lips are constantly chapped and peeling. Her skin is also really tight around her nose and mouth area.

I would love to be able to create something/anything to make her skin feel better, esp. her lips. Her doctor told her to try Vaseline. :-/

Thank you.