Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thank you!

Don't you just love this polymer clay hamburger from our summer class? Melissa is an amazingly talented DIY girl (and a chemistry enthusiast as well!)

Thank you to the wonderful people who have donated funds to my youth groups. So far we have raised enough to pay for five craft groups! I can't thank you enough for all your kindness.

I run youth groups at our two local libraries - Chilliwack and Yarrow - with my husband, best friend, and mother. We have two craft groups, two video game clubs, two card and board game clubs, and a Japanese pop culture group. We provide all the supplies, games, and treats for the programs. We did have some funding from the Friends of the Library, but that ended in December. We do have some funding for three more months thanks to a friend who collected donations at her wedding - thank you so much! And I am trying to apply for grants, but there isn't a lot of money out there for non-profit groups right now. So we've been doing most of it from our own supplies or buying supplies with our own money. Each weekly program costs about $75 and we do six every month at the Chilliwack library, and two per month at the Yarrow library (with the games club every other month due to cost). (The library is kind enough to fund two of our programs, but video games and card games night have exceeded these costs.) We've had over 7,000 kids attend our programs since 2005, and we'd love to keep them going.

If you have a little to spare, please consider donating a few dollars to our groups. You can reach me (Susan) at Hyperwallet or PayPal at If you live in the Chilliwack area and have some spare bottles lying around, we have an account set up at the Chilliwack bottle depot under account #81, youth library programs. You can return bottles to the depot, then give us the receipt so we can put it towards our supplies! (I am hoping to get an account set up soon at the Sardis location.)

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