Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rosemary extract: Other products

In this last post on rosemary extract, we'll take a look at including this lovely extract in various toners, face cleansers, and body sprays. I don't suggest using rosemary essential oil for stuff you might put on your face - it's a lovely scent at first, but do we want to smell it all day?

Rosemary is an awesome inclusion in a toner, especially one for oily skin. The ursolic acid creates a light oily barrier on your skin, so couple this with a hydrolyzed protein and you have yourself some moisturizing that won't feel sticky or oily. For some people with oily skin, this recipe with the humectants and conditioning agents could be enough moisturizing for your face - you could skip the moisturizer! And the anti-inflammatory properties are always good for people who tend to redder cheeks! Throw in some green tea, aloe vera, and and panthenol, and you've got a toner filled with great vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants! (And there might be a little UV protection, but not something we can advertise on the bottle!)

And we know all about the amazing power of green tea with all those lovely anti-oxidizants, UV protectants, and anti-inflammatory properties, so let's throw that in to maximize our toner!

26.5% water
30% witch hazel (the kind without alcohol)
25% rosemary hydrosol (or other hydrosol of choice)
10% aloe vera liquid
2% sodium lactate
2% hydrolyzed protein
3% honeyquat

2% panthenol
0.5% powdered rosemary extract
0.5% green tea extract
0.5% preservative (I use Germall Plus)

If you want to include liquid rosemary extract, add it to the cool down phase at 1 to 5% and remove the same amount from the water amount. Do not heat the liquid in the water phase!!!

Heat and hold the witch hazel, hydrosol, water, and aloe vera in a heat proof container in a double boiler for about 20 minutes. Remove from the heat.

Mix the powdered extract with some of the warm water before adding to the mixture.

When it cools down below 45C, add the cool down phase ingredients. When completely cooled, pour into a bottle and use as a toner. Or pour into a spray bottle and use as a spray toner!

It's fantastic in a summer spray - possible UV protection, anti-inflammatory, oily layer on your skin, anti-oxiding power - so use it at the suggested amount in an alternative spray. For my husband's itchy leg spray, I could rosemary to increase the anti-oxiding power or the anti-inflammatory power.

FACIAL CLEANSER (For the facial cleanser recipe, click here. For the foamy cleanser recipe, click here and here.)

In each of the links above, I have already included an extract in the product, usually chamomile or honeysuckle (posts coming soon!). So just switch those out for rosemary extract (where I haven't included it, just put in the suggested usage amount for your product - liquid, powdered, or oil based). Or consider using rosemary hydrosol as part of the water phase.

Now considering we're planning to wash this off, is there any point in including the awesome goodness of rosemary? Yes, again with the ursolic acid, but it will form an oily layer that remains behind, offering moisturizing goodness.

Well, I hope I've offered you some ideas on using rosemary extract in your products. Join me tomorrow for fun with cucumber extract!

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