Friday, February 12, 2010

An open letter to the Face Doctor people...

We have a culprit! Cory Thiarello has finally posted his name - I'm not sure if he has been the person using my blog in attempt to drum up business for his product, but others affiliated with the product won't stop using the blog to advertise these products, which is against my very very clear wishes.

So here's the post I wrote on your product - I hope this helps your sales! And I am open to learning more about your product through actual studies, not marketing hype. If you have something other than two line comment, sales brochure, or press release, I'm happy to read them. You may e-mail me - you are not welcome to post here again and any comments will be deleted immediately.

And as a quick note, if you're trying to get free advertising, consider two things - one, choose posts that actually relate to the topic instead of randomly posting for things like hair care products, and two, consider the wishes of those of us who take the time to write blogs or websites. This is a blog for bath and body product makers, not those who want to buy your products.

Oh, and for you, I'll make an exception to the advertising rule. $1000 for each comment (maximum three lines), payable in advance of the comment. I get to vet said comment and make any changes I think suitable. If you post without paying the amount, I'll be sending an invoice to your company. (Point of interest - not kidding about this.)

I'm just curious how much more clear I need to be. You are not welcome on my blog and your products are not welcome in my home. You are ignoring the boundaries I have set, and you are ruining something very special to me for your own financial gain. You are an intrusion and annoyance and completely unwelcome here until you have something to offer...other than spam.

If you'd like to see my other posts relating to those who want free advertising, click here. Sorry this isn't funnier, but I am so done with this!

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