Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mineral make-up: Craft group eye shadow from Alyssa, Christy, Julie & Emily

You might remember Alyssa as the amazing colour blender who created the ever so lovely and shiny cappuccino from the posts on brown eye shadows. Well, she's back, and as usual she has created something pretty awesome she called the Rainbow Explosion! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture from her, so I suggest trying this yourself and see the amazing green with pink highlights you get from this one. (I'm illustrating this with Christy's Mermaid's Tale - I don't have the recipe for this one! I need to ask her for it next week!)

3 scoops of base
2 scoops apple green pop mica
2 scoops strawberry pop mica
2 scoops lemon drop pop mica
2 scoops grape pop mica
2 scoops tangerine mica
2 scoops light blue or periwinkle pop

I also want to show you the amazing colours created by Julie and Emily - but the pictures didn't turn out (not my fault - too much reflection on the containers!) So I'll bug them to bring them on Thursday so I can get a few snaps!

We're having a super happy fun Thursday craft group making blushes, glitter powder, lip shimmers, and finishing powders, so look for those posts starting this Friday!


Jessica said...

Did you ever post Christy's Mermaid's Tale? I love that color in the pic and woul like to try it out!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Jessica. Sorry - she never came to the group again, so I didn't get the recipe! It is lovely, though, isn't it?