Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mineral make-up: Craft group eye shadow from Keira

Today's eye shadow comes to us courtesy of Keira. She's chosen a very minimalist approach to this colour, but it looks just lovely (I wore a variation of this yesterday with lime green!)

2 scoops yellow iron oxide
4 scoops creamsicle mica
6 scoops FD&C lake yellow #5
2 scoops of base

This is a great alternative to the A-OK (aka Big Bird) colour we created using the pop micas last year. And it's less sparkly, which surprises me from a teenager. It's a beautiful yellow that can act as a highlight, a sweep, or a lid colour. Try it with a lime green and you have a combination that I love!

Join me tomorrow for the minimalistic stylings of Claire with Midnight Star.

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