Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why you must label everything!

I know I go on about labelling things, but there's a good reason. Look at the picture to the left. Look at the picture to the right. If the sun wasn't shining through the window and you were using the same bottles, the products would look very much the same. The one on the left is leave in conditioner. The one on the right is summer time peppermint spray.

So in my eagerness to be more organized this morning, I decided to add the tiny bit of leave in conditioner in one bottle with the larger bottle. It wasn't until I smelled mint after my shower that I realized what I had done!

In this case, the mint spray has many of the same ingredients I would put into a leave in conditioner - panthenol, hydrosols, hydrolyzed proteins - so really the only down side is the fresh scent of mint that follows me instead of oatmeal, milk & honey (which smells a lot like marzipan to me - and I love marzipan!).

Again, I can't stress this enough - label everything!


Birgit Biehl said...

That used to happen to me every time I'd make a fresh batch of soap. (sure I remember the ingredients) only to forget them a few days after. Sticky notes and self discipline to the rescue. Now I label while I wait for lye and oils to cool...
Keep up this great blog. I read every morsel!

Rose said...

Good idea Birgit...I made a batch of lotion a few weeks ago but I've been experimenting with different oils and additives...Why didn't I label the bottle I asked myself as I looked at it today. Now I don't remember what's in it except the scent :(