Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions - 2010

There is no good reason for putting this picture into this post, except my love of this card and chemistry!

So what do I want to accomplish this year?

Get organized - personal: I shouldn't start off the year by being negative, but I really think I like the idea of being organized a lot more than actually being organized. I want to organize the computer room so I'm not always tripping over things or losing paper! I need to get my notebooks labelled and organized so I know which is which - I'm always grabbing my surfactant notebook when I want the oil notebook!

Get organized - work related: Get up to date on paper work for work - be no more than 1 week behind! Get my reports done on time and meet with my client to sign it (within 1 week of the date).

Continue to set and maintain good boundaries around my time. I did make a few changes last year - I managed to set and take lunch at least three times a week, and I am not scheduling as many night meetings - but I need to continue to take time for myself during the day instead of running around from one client to another (and the new not-using-your-cell-phone in the car ban means I have to take time to make phone calls instead of doing it on the go!) I need to set an hour a day for taking and returning phone calls. And I need to ensure I get time in every day to think.

I'm sure there are other things...but I can't think of them right now. I really should organize my thoughts in some way...

Finish my math class by April with an A. Enter organic chemistry in May (finances willing!).

Continue attending singing lessons - I'd like to go twice a month, so I should set up appointments!

Go snow tubing by the end of February.
Go camping with my friends this summer for at least three days! We're thinking Moses Lake at the end of June!
More day trips locally. I've never been to Birch Bay, WA, and I'd like to spend a day just wandering around Lynden.

Perfect my mascara recipe and liquid eye liner recipe.
Learn to silk screen (year #3 this has been on the list!)
Start Christmas presents really early - perhaps in April to get them done?
Make more jewellery.
Sew more shorts - I need two pairs - one sleeping, one walking around - and Raymond needs two pairs for sleeping.
Sew more skirts. I made one, but I need to make more so I'm comfortable with it.


Mich said...

Sounds great--My "wanna do" list is longer than Michael Phelps' wing span!

I don't know if you have a good pattern for Raymond's sleeping shorts, but Kwik Sew's boxer pattern works up very quickly and my husband seems to think they are comfy.

Here is a wacky question related to your heat-damage posts: A lot of them require water-soluble 'cones. Is it possible to MAKE a 'cone water-soluble with some Polysorbate? (I've been wondering about this ever since you blogged about making water-soluble oils in your water-based makeup remover post...)

Thanks again for all your wonderful information! Hope 2010 is a wonderful and creative year for you!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Happy New Year, Mich! I do have a pattern in mind, but I'm up for more ideas! I'll check out the Kwik Sew patterns - I like those as a novice sewing person - at Fabricland tomorrow!

I do not think we can emulsify silicones with the polysorbates. There are emulsifiers specifically for silcones - like the Silicone Em at the Herbarie - and BTMS, because they are different creatures than our normal emulsifiers. (Having said that, Polawax can emulsify small amounts of silicones in lotions, up to 10%, I think, but for larger amounts you need to use BTMS.) Having said this, it's a good question and needs some research because it could be possible!

Now you've got me thinking...and I like that! You always ask great questions and point out things I've missed! We make a great team!