Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last year's New Year's Resolutions

I don't tend to make New Year's resolutions often, but I did last year and posted them here...Just for fun, let's see how I did!

Become more organized: Slightly better than this time last year as I have organized my sewing and jewellery making supplies pretty well, but the bath & body ingredients keep growing! And I am always behind on my paper work at work!

Stop brushing my teeth so hard: Success! I have a nice electric toothbrush, and the dentist was pleased with my enamel.

Blood sugar maintenance: Success!

Classes: I finished chemistry with an "A", but I had to re-do grade 11 math because it's been such a long time. I just finished with an "A". I would like to be done with Math 12, then possibly do physics, in time for classes in May!

Take singing lessons with Wanda: Did it!

Take more photographs: We bought a new camera and I've been taking tons of pictures!

My crafty goals...
Learn embroidery: Did it.
Learn silk screening: Haven't yet!
Learn jewellery making: Did it. Loving it!
Perfect our mascara recipe: Still a work in progress.
Perfect our foundation recipe: Powder: Done. Liquid: Done.
Perfect my butter cream recipe: Found a great icing recipe and love it!
Get my Christmas presents done in time: Didn't get it all done!
Finish at least two unfinished projects, sewing: Did it!


Marriage and honeymoon: Did it! Loved it! So much fun!

Camping with friends: Nope, everyone was busy again. Perhaps next year?

Did you accomplish your goals? Have any new ones? Join me tomorrow for fun with 2010's New Year's Resolutions!

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Esmee said...

No resolutions here. Although I managed to organize my soap and B&B stuff! *happy*

And I really like to know your recipe for BC! The only one I like is with cream cheese.

Happy new year to you and your DH!