Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just a thought for the day on soothing sore throats.

I've had this horrible cold/flu for almost two weeks now, and I've been soldiering through because it's my busy time of year for classes and for crafting stuff for Christmas. I think I'm over the worst of it, but my throat is still hurting (I don't think playing Guitar Hero last night helped, but I had to sing "Bark at the Moon"! I mean, come on, it's Ozzy!) So I woke up this morning and started the day the way I do every day with a few pots of tea.

I'm usually a black tea drinker in the morning - my Christmas tea is gorgeous! - as I need the caffeine, but this morning I chose my Winter marzipan flavoured rooibos tea. My throat feels better. I'm not ascribing any magical qualities to the tea itself, but I think it's the lack of tannins. We know tannins are astringent, and that's going to make my throat feel dry. The rooibos tea is nice and hot without the tannins. So I think I'll have another pot.

This made me think about my mother's traditional method of lemon and honey. The honey is a humectant, so it's going to offer soothing qualities to any warm beverage. So why not try rooibos or herbal tea with a little honey to soothe your throat?

If you'll excuse me, the kettle just boiled and I think I'll try the Belgian Chocolate blend now.


Esmée said...

Hope you feel better soon!
But you have 'Winter Marzipan' rooibos tea?! Woahaaa! I need that! That sounds yummie!

Petra said...

'Winter marzipan' does sound wonderful! I have some regular rooibos sitting on my desk. I may have to have a cup...

Honey is an awesome thing. Of course I am a little biased (we're beekeepers)

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, I hope you feel better :)
What realy works for us is the Ester-C Throat Lozenges from Sisu. I prefer the honey lemon. take care

yodasmith said...

Wisdom of the Ancients Symfre Herbal tea always works for me when I have a cold! I drink it with my bombilla and only with perhaps some vitamin c, but that's it!

I hope you're feeling better!