Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas charm bracelets

I love making charm bracelets, and I love Christmas, so if you put the two together, you get Christmas-y charm bracelet fun!

I make my charm bracelets using either 8 mm rings and 4 mm rings to join them or 10 mm rings and 5 mm rings to join them. You'll want to get at least 20 - 8 mm rings or 20 - 10 mm rings and at least 21 - 4mm or 5 mm rings to join them. My wrist is quite large and I use 19- 8 mm rings for my bracelet with 20 - 4 mm rings to join them.

And choose a clasp you can easily put on without help! I like these ones - I think they're called bullet clasps. You can use a toggle or lobster claw one, but I find those are still hard for me to fiddle with when I'm running late in the morning!


1 - 6 mm clear or white round bead for her head
1 - 6 mm wings for her wings
1 - clear bell flower cap (I can't remember I used 4mm or 6mm here! Sorry!)
1 - 2.5 inch long head pin
1 - 4mm or 5mm ring if you want to attach it to something.

If you want to make a larger angel, just make all the beads larger - 8 mm or 10 mm - and use them as larger earrings or as decorations!


1 - 8 mm clear or white round bead for his bottom
1 - 6 mm clear or white round bead for his top
1 - 6 mm rondelle or lentil bed in red for his scarf
1 - black daisy for his hat (I have jet mt daisies!)
1 - black square seed bead for the top of the hat
1 - 2.5 inch long head pin
1 - 4mm or 5 mm ring if you want to attach it to something like an earring

I found these were a little on the small size for an adult sized earring, but great for a kid sized or a little headed-person sized! If you want to make a larger one, you can use 2 - 8 mm beads to make two parts of the body, then the scarf and so on. Or you could use 10 mm beads for his body, 8 mm for the head and so on.


1 - 2.5 inch long head pin
1 - black square seed bead or any roundish seed bead you want for the base
3 - 4mm or 6 mm green wings for the branches
1 - 4 mm silver or crystal bicone bead for the star
1 - 4 mm ring to attach it to a bracelet or earring

Again, these are too small for earrings - except for a child - although they would look pretty cool hanging from a chandelier earring! You can make bigger versions of these earrings by increasing the size of each piece and using a 6 mm or even 8 mm bicone crystal on top. (Don't try a 3 mm bicone crystal on top - it gets lost!) I have tried yellow and clear crystals, as well as hot pink, and they all looked really nice!

For each ornament...
1 - 6 mm or 8 mm shiny round bead
2 - 4 mm bead caps
1 - head pin (can be a shortish one)

Put the beads in this order on the headpin - bead cap, bead, bead cap. Make a loop. Then make another ornament, then another. Attach all three with a split ring and close. This will make them sit together nicely.

I hope you've enjoyed these charms! Join me tomorrow for more Christmas crafting fun!

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Oh. Well. Now I want to make jewelry too...

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