Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas cards!

I'm not the best at card making, but I'm certainly enjoying learning how to do it! I've come up with a very basic pattern I can follow and make some very basic cards.

I'm making 6 x 4 cards so I can include pictures in it easily, but you can use 5.5 by 4 1/4 cards by cutting a regular sized piece of cardstock in half. I'm using Bazzill bling paper because I like the shininess and thickness of them, but you can use any card stock you like.

Here's the basic concept. (You can see a version with a shiny cupcake here!) I make a little badge - that's what I'm calling the little piece in the right hand corner of the card - that is about 1 inch square. Then I cut a piece of coloured cardstock to 1.25 inches and paste the first layer on top of it. Then I cut a strip of very pretty paper to 1 inch high (and 6 inches long for this card) and glue it to the card. I stick the little badge on the strip of paper with a pop dot or other poofy double sided tape thing - 1/8 inch give it a 3D effect, but if you're mailing it, try 1/16 inch.

I've printed out the Merry Christmas on cardstock, and I just cut it out with a 1/8 inch border around the words. (If you want a copy of this, click here! The smaller ones are for 5.5 x 4.15 cards, the larger for the 4 x 6 cards.) I love this font - font diner sparkly - and I use it for everything. I cut a piece of the cardstock I used for the badge as a background for the words. Then I'm done.

There's a concept I've been learning called the Burnished Velvet Technique. Apparently it was created in the Lower Mainland and it makes for beautiful cards. It's not a difficult concept if you want to make some lovely, glittery cards and it makes for a very nice little badge in the corner of your card! (I'll have a few of my chemistry related Christmas cards up in a few days with an example of this technique!)

This is my favourite card of the year. It's sparkly, it's in lime green, it's a cupcake, and the words on the inside are slightly messy - it's Susan in card form!

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