Friday, December 11, 2009

Chemistry related Christmas cards

Because life became quite chaotic this week, and because the headache is making me sleep late (for some strange reason), please enjoy this post on what I consider to be the best Christmas card I've ever made and join me tomorrow for a post on grapeseed oil!

I have a small obsession with chemistry - I'm not sure if you've noticed - so I had to make some chemistry related Christmas cards! I was trying to spell "Merry Christmas" or "Seasons Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" with elements (click here for the details of periodic table Scrabble) and, as usual, I couldn't. At the dinner table, Raymond looked over the periodic table of the elements placemat I bought on our honeymoon at the Mall of America in Minnesota, and noticed you could spell "Ho" with holmium (I had thought about hydrogen and oxygen, but this does look cooler!) The card was born!

I'm really pleased with it - I used the burnished velvet technique to create the atom (thank you Wanda for buying that Cricut this year - I couldn't have cut this out by hand!) and found this funky retro snowflake paper that looks a little like an atom (possibly carbon with its 6 electrons). I am so pleased!

I made a second version of this card. Wanda found some purple paper with actual atoms on it, so I had to use that. (It's too small to see in this picture, but it's the purple stripe of paper at the bottom).

I am the happiest geek in the world right now!

If you want to make your own chemistry related cards for any occasion or create a chemistry scrapbook or make a really cool book to keep your recipes safe, check out this package called Atomic Junkie. I have this set and use it for book covers all the time!

Join me tomorrow when we return to our regularly scheduled programming!