Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Challenge: Shower jellies - Swift's first attempt

This is Swift's first attempt at the shower jelly challenge...

What was the logic of this recipe? I know two things about this product (I haven't been able to try one from the store, so I'm going on what others say!) - it's meant to clean and it's in jelly form. For the cleaning, we need a ton of surfactants - I ran out of SLeS and it doesn't seem to want to thicken like some of the other surfactants, so I used the thicker ones like BSB and LSB with a titch of coco betaine to make it thicker and milder. To make it jelly like I used Amaze XT because it's supposed to make a gel and I just bought some, so you know I want to play with it!

20% water
4% Amaze XT
26% LSB surfactant
27% BSB surfactant
7% Amphosol CG surfactant (cocamidopropyl betaine)
5% glycerin
5% propylene glycol
1% fragrance oil
0.5% Liquid Germall Plus

Yeah, you can tell from the picture that this didn't go all that well. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The initial appearance was that of a nice jelly like substance, and I had hoped a spell in the fridge would solidify it further, but room temperature was not my friend...I ended up with this in the morning!

The carageenan is definitely essential to the success of this recipe. Susan mentioned she found some at a make-your-own-beer store, so I hope to get some today so I can play around a little bit more!

If you want to make a shower or bubble goo in a jar, this would be a great product! (Although you'd want to add some lovely conditioning or moisturizing agents for a body wash!) But as a stand-on-its-own shower jelly, well, it simply didn't work!

If you're following along, don't forget to send your recipes and pictures to Swift!


Susan said...

Just for fun, I tried adding slsa to melted agar mixture to see it would set. I got a "Whipped" foam butter texture. Not what I was going for but I think that I will add some melted Mp to it so see if it will work as frosting for my cupcake bombs!

p said...

Kind of OT, but it does involve seaweed! I was wondering if you've researched seaweeds much? Irish moss, stuff like that... I've been wondering how much truth there is to the claims that seaweed firms skin and lightens hyperpigmented spots.