Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beeswax candles - sushi style!

I've been suffering from an ongoing headache since August, and it's flaring up this week. So instead of information on an oil today, I give you a short tutorial on sushi candles!

I know I've written about making sushi candles in the past, but they were so cute and I made so many for Christmas, I had to share!

To make these maki candles I like to smooth beeswax for the inside and the seaweed outside, and I use a honeycombed beeswax for the rice. For a candle 1 inch high, cut the inside piece and the seaweed piece one inch high, then cut that piece in half, about 4.25 inches long. I lay the beeswax down portrait way (so it's longer than it is wide) and cut the pieces out that way. You should get about 32 pieces from one sheet of beeswax. I cut the white honeycombed pieces 1 inch high but lengthwise so I get 8 pieces out of each strip. I cut that again to get 16 pieces of white rice insides. I use 4/0 square braid wick, but you can use 3/0 or 5/0 if you want.

I have found using yellow (for tamago or egg) or light green is just a bad idea when making these because the colour is washed out against the yellow. I like using orange, red, dark red, dark green, or other dark colours for the centre.

For California roll type sushi candles, you'll want to cut those coloured strips (not the black) in half again, then roll them into tiny cylinders. Then press two of the colours together, put the wick in, and press the other two colours to make the middle. Wrap with the black beeswax, then use 2 strips of white honeycomb to make the outside. (Try to make it rounder than I've managed to do here!)

You can use yellow or light green in these candles as the colour will stand out better than in the maki candles above. And use whatever wick you bought for the maki candles in these candles.

To make a nigiri type sushi candle, cut three strips of the white beeswax about 2.5 inches long. Then cut three strips of the red beeswax into 3 inch long pieces. Press these together.

Cut a strip of black about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch wide and about 5 inches long (you should have some left over from cutting your black strips from the original piece.) Wrap the black piece around the middle of the pressed together red and white beeswax.

Get a nice large needle with a large eye and large shaft (I have no idea what the long part of a needle is called). Thread the wick through it and starting from the topside of the candle, feed the needle through to the bottom. Leave 1/4 inch wick at the top of the candle and about the same on the bottom. Heat the bottom of the candle with a lighter or a hair dryer (the lighter is way easier!) and press the wick into the black strip to keep it secure.

I've put the candles in a take-out sushi box I bought at Daiso, then put a little grass in there. If you have some light green wax, you could make a tiny little spiral candle to be the wasabi and a shaving of pink to be the ginger (I am going to do this, just haven't had time yet!). Or you could package these candles with a Wasabi scented body wash or soap and have yourself a Japanese party in the tub (okay, that sounded weird, but in my defence I do have a ripping headache!)

You can modify these to look like liquorice allsorts by using the black in the middle and blue, yellow, or pink instead of the white rice. I keep meaning to try this, but the lure of the sushi is just too strong!

You can find my handout from the classes on how to make sushi candles here! (The nigiri candle is not included in this handout).

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