Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Olive oil in hair care products

Yeah, I know this is a leave in conditioner and I don't really address this here, but you could think of it as a really liquidy conditioner for the purposes of having a picture in this post...

Olive oil is fantastic in hair care products. Sure, you could use it in shampoo, but what's the point? You'll get far less foaming action and you're going to wash it out anyway. No, save olive oil for something that will stay on longer!

You can use olive oil in a conditioner bar - and consider using olive butter to really make it awesome! Consider using olive oil in your shaving bar or shaving lotion to give skin a lovely moisturized, soft feeling afterwards. Or use it in the dry hair variation of the regular conditioner (scroll down a bit).

Let's take a look at using olive oil in an intense conditioner! (Click if you want to see why I'm using these ingredients). Olive oil is a humectant that offers moisturizing and softening properties to our conditioner, as well as anti-fly away effects. Most of the oils you see in various conditioners are high in oleic acid - avocado, jojoba, wheat germ - but those are far more expensive than olive oil. And, with olive oil mimicking your natural sebum, it can be of benefit for those with scalp issues.

67.5% water
7% Incroquat BTMS
3% Incroquat CR
8% olive oil
3% cetyl alcohol
2% hydrolyzed protein
2% humectant - honeyquat would be ideal here, but you can use glycerin if you want

2% dimethicone
2% cyclomethicone
2% panthenol
1% fragrance or essential oil
0.5% to 1% preservative
67.5% water
(optional: 2% cetrimonium chloride - add to the heated phase, remove 2% water.)
If you don't like silicones, then add 4% more water to this recipe or add more light weight oils. Click here for some alternatives to dimethicone.

Weigh out the BTMS, CR, oils, and cetyl alcohol in a heat proof container, then put into a double boiler. Weigh out the water and humectant in a heat proof container, and put that into the double boiler. Heat and hold at 70C for 20 minutes. Pour the contents of one container into the other, and mix well with a hand mixer or stick blender. When the temperature reaches below 45C, add the silicones, protein, essential or fragrance oil, and preservative. Spoon into a jar and let cool with the lid off so we don't get condensation.

Join me tomorrow for fun with rice bran oil!


marina said...
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kat_herts said...

if i cant get incroquat CR, can i just substitute for more BTMS? I hope so as i have loads of the stuff! Also, i can only cet cyclo as a silicone so can i substitute the dimeth. % for all cyclo?
Cant wait to start making!

stephanie suarez said...

I can add 4% olive oil and 2% coconut oil, 2% castor oil, instead 8% olive oil. Add 2% of honeyquad instead dimethicone (4% in total, if you count the 2% of humectants) and maybe a light oil for compensate the 2% of the cyclomethicone. Thanks