Sunday, November 15, 2009

Formulating with mango butter - whipped butter and lotion bars

You can whip mango butter the way you'd whip shea butter, but you might want to consider mixing the mango with shea or another soft butter. It feels very nice, but some people find it astringent and a bit drying. I wouldn't consider using avocado butter here - the two together will feel very powdery and dry.

40% mango butter
40% other soft butter, like shea or olive butter
18% oil - consider a high linoleic oil like sesame or sunflower or rice bran or soybean
1% fragrance oil
1% Vitamin E (for extending the shelf life of short life oils)

Weigh the mango butter, other butter, and oil in a heat proof container and melt slightly in a double boiler or microwave. Remove from the heat, add the fragrance oil and Vitamin E and whip. Whip until it reaches a lovely Cool Whip kind of consistency, then spoon into containers. If you want to make this fancy, get out a piping bag with a 1M tip and pipe it into a jar.

A lotion bar is traditionally 1/3 wax, 1/3 butter, and 1/3 oil. You can use all mango butter for the 1/3 butter part if you want.

If you want to get a bit more complicated, consider trying my favourite lotion bar recipe (click here for the reasons for including the various ingredients!)

28% beeswax
10% fractionated coconut oil
25% sunflower oil
3% rice bran oil
30% mango butter
2% IPM
2% cyclomethicone
2% vitamin E
1% fragrance oil or essential oil

Melt all but the cyclomethicone and fragrance oil in a heat proof container in your double boiler. When all the ingredients have melted, add the cyclomethicone and fragrance oil, then pour into a mold or twist up deodorant container. Let set. Use!

I use mango butter in this recipe because it has a very lovely colour - a kind of off white but creamy looking colour - and the mango butter melts at body temperature, so it feels very nice. You can adapt this to use any butters or oils you prefer!

Join me tomorrow for fun with cocoa butter!


Lisa Inglis said...

Hi Susan!
First off, your blog is a wonderful wealth of information - thank you!

I made this whipped mango butter, as described here using Shea for my second soft butter, and it turned out very stiff. I like a rich cream (I usually use shea) but this was very hard. I'm wondering if I whipped for too long? I whipped until it was the texture of cold butter..

Any idea?


Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Lisa. Mango butter has a dry crumbly feeling that will translate into a whipped butter product as a dry, stiff, crumbly feeling more like whipped butter that has to be removed with a fingernail instead of a smooth feeling that can be removed with fingers. Depending upon how much you use, you will get more of a crumbly or stiff texture than a smooth texture. Try reducing the mango butter to see if you like it, or re-melt this and add more shea or liquid oil to the mix.

Lisa Inglis said...

Thanks for your reply Susan! I ended up playing with the ratios and bit more and netted out with more liquid oil and a little less shea and it's now a lovely heavy cream.
Getting used to new ingredients is a challenge - thanks for your insight :)

Pamela Corkum said...

I'm new to bath products. What is IPM?