Monday, November 9, 2009

Evolution of a product...Petra's attempts

Petra wrote to me with a challenge - could we try to duplicate Lush's Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub? We both took up the challenge, and here are her results so far...

Batch #1
58% sugar
29% baking soda
7.2% cream of tartar
2.9% SLSa
2.9% virgin coconut oil
witch hazel used to bind it together.

Petra's results: Batch #1 fell apart too quickly and was to scrubby. It also seemed like I didn't have enough coconut oil in it.

Batch #2
41.4% sugar
34.5% baking soda
13.8% cream of tartar
3.4% SLSa
6.5% virgin coconut oil
simple syrup used to bind it together.

Petra's results: Batch #2 was SOLID after drying a couple days. Once it was coaxed to break apart, it seemed to separate into the sugar grains and scrub well. Still a bit too much sugar for my taste and not moisturizing enough. I'm not sure if I am noticing the effects of the SLSa. It did seem to rinse well, but there isn't enough in there that wouldn't easily rinse away.

Plan for next batch... I am going to shoot for 35% sugar and 35% BS, 12% C of T, 10% Coconut, and 8% SLSa,
Also, I think I have been getting the mixture too wet and maybe I should adopt the mindset of the bath bomb maker and barely get to moist. Also, I don't think I will use the simple syrup, since I believe it got too hard and wouldn't break apart under a stream of water.

Want to see the first attempts at making this product? Click here for attempt #1, and here for attempt #2. If you're playing along at home, send your pictures and recipes to Swift (aka Susan).

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